The Baronage

The Baron and Baroness are the representatives of the King and Queen in the lands of The Barony of Forgotten Sea (the greater Kansas City area). They are the ruling nobility of the Barony and can hold Baronial Court and give Baronial awards. They serve at the pleasure of Their Majesties. Along with the Seneschal, they oversee the running of the Barony.

.Baron Gerald Kendall and Baroness Alianora Jehannette des Amandiers.

Email: baronage

Make an award recommendation!

Know of someone who has been doing something great in or for the barony? Tell Their Excellencies about it! Acknowledging the hard work and dedication of our populace is extremely important to us and we want to hear about all the good work being done.

This is where we list members of the populace who have received awards. Check the Order of Precedence to see who already has awards before recommending someone.