About Us

The Barony of Forgotten Sea (or, colloquially, BFS) was founded in 1976 and named after the ancient inland sea that once covered parts of Kansas, Nebraska, and other western states during the Cretaceous period. Few have heard of that aspect of the area's geologic history. Thus, the "forgotten sea."

Over the last forty years, the group has grown to become a Barony, seen Calontir be established as a Kingdom, watched our members grow in skill, valor, and nobility, and—most importantly—made a whole lot of happy memories in the process.

Our officers are hard working volunteers from the community who keep the business of the barony running.  Everyone from the Baronage to the Webminster are here to ensure that our community is able to thrive. 

Baronial Champions

In Forgotten sea we strive to acknowledge and encourage excellence in the many areas of play that are offered.  With this in mind, each year a baronial championship competition is held for popular skills in the community.  The current baronial champions are...

For Arts and Sciences: Lord Seathrún "Badger" Brock

For Archery: Lady Olivia Scarritt

For Heavy Armored Combat: Charles von Bayrreuth

For Steel Combat: His Grace Caius Equitius Rectus Xerxis