Come join us for the joyous celebration of the Coronation of Their Highnesses Elias and Maestra Trobadora Adalyde.

Preregistration is open until March 19th. 


This is a DRY SITE

Christ United Methodist Church

14506 E 39th St S, Independence, MO 64055-4228


8:00 am Gate opens

10:00 am Morning Court

Inn opens immediately after Morning Court. 

1:00 pm Rose Ceremony

1:00 pm Witan meeting

1:00 pm Largess Conspiracy Display and 

Pick-ups (outdoors)

2:30 pm RUSH meeting

2:30 pm Exchequer meeting

3:00 pm Lilies Committee meeting

5:00 pm Evening Court

7:00 pm Feast

9:00 pm site closes/cleanup. 


Merchanting may take place in the Common Room, after morning Court. There is no fee to Merchant, we ask only that you follow these rules: A merchant may use only one table, or bring your own, and all merchants must be packed up in time for evening Court. 

Arts & Sciences:

“I’ve never seen music as a competition. It’s a conspiracy... Music is a conspiracy to commit beauty.”   

---Linda Ronstadt---

In lieu of a competition, the Arts and Sciences display at Spring Coronation will be:

A Conspiracy to Commit Beauty and Utility

The theme will be “Drums of War “ and everyone who enters the conspiracy by bringing largesse to display and contribute to the new reign will receive a small gift.

Entries should be things used at or created at SCA wars – for camping, for fighting, for eating, for lighting, for parties, drums, etc.  The entries can be a single item, or a collection of items. Documentation so that all can know your inspiration is encouraged but not required. 

Any questions may be addressed to Duchess Ylva:  or Deanna Lewis on Facebook

Coronation 2024 Inn Menu

Andalusian Chicken

A rich and creamy casserole of chicken thighs, vegetables and herbs.  Gluten free.

Vegetable Rice

Rice with cooked vegetables and herbs.  Gluten free/vegan


Chickpeas infused with olive oil and cumin.  Gluten free/vegan.

Ginger Carrots

Carrots cooked with honey, ginger, and cloves.  Gluten free/vegan.

Bread Rolls

Soft Cheese

Infused with red and green onion, garlic, and rosemary.

Boiled Eggs

Versatile and reliable.  Gluten-free


A rich and delicious traditional dessert.

Tarte de Santiago

An almond flour cake infused with lemon and herbs.  Gluten-free.

Questions? Pleased email the Inn Steward, Janos Katona, at




Nuts & Dried Fruits (GF)(Vg)

Bacon Wrapped Dates (GF)

Marinated Olives (GF)(Vg)

Gluten Free Peasant Bread (GF)

Country White Bread (Vg)

Country Wheat Bread (Vg)

Whipped Butter (GF)(V)

Whipped Honey Butter (GF)(V)


Fried Foods

Bacon Wrapped Scotch Eggs (GF)

Blueberry Sauce (GF)(Vg)

Falafel (GF)(Vg)

Hummus (GF)(Vg)

Tahini Sauce (GF)(Vg)



Bacon Wrapped Chicken Cordon Bleu (GF)

Maple Glazed Carrots (GF)(Vg)

Meatless Mushroom Balls (GF)(Vg)



Pickled Asparagus (GF)(Vg)

Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin (GF) Saffron Rice (GF)(V)



Bourbon Bacon Brittle

Pecan Brittle

Pan Fried Apple Rings with Bacon Vanilla Ice Cream


Price: $15, Limit 100 seats

GF - Gluten Free, V - Vegetarian, Vg - Vegan

Questions? Please email the Feast Steward HL Skallagrímr Bárðarson (Robert Welch)

Crash Space

Konstantia (they/them) is the Crash Space Coordinator for this event!

If you would like to stay with local Calontiri for Coronation, please sign up here:

I'll do my best to get you connected with folks from here in the Barony of Forgotten Sea so you have a soft place to lay your head for the weekend.

On behalf of the Barony, Their Majesties, and Their Highnesses, welcome to Forgotten Sea!

Event Stewards

Brialen Ulfsdottir and Rolanda de Lyndhurst.