Articles & How-To Guides

Many of the talented members of our Barony have taken some time to document their projects, or create wonderful articles on period topics.

Many of these were taken from our newsletter "The Clarion".

If you would like to contribute and article please contact our Chronicler

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Bardic Arts

Loosed from the glove - by Janos Katana.

The Broken Mug - by Dorcas Whitecap. A song written on the way to Northshield

Strike the Drum - by HL Mathurin Kerbusso. Notations on the battles referenced in this popular song.

I Have Fought - by Janos Katana. A song of the Calon Army. Includes Music and Lyrics.

Freedom's Crusade - by Janos Katana. A Saxon Call to Arms. Includes Music and Lyrics.

The Fealty of the Lion - by Janos Katana. A song of Richard II II, addressing his recalcitrant son, Richard the Lionheart. Includes Music and Lyrics.

Archers of Calontir - by Janos Katana. Includes Music and Lyrics.

In Praise of Byrhtnoth - by Janos Katana


Silk Standard Making - by Sir Duncan Bruce of Logan and Sir Gawayne ap Tristam This article describes how to make a silk standard, suitable for heraldic display at SCA events.

Why Register Your SCA Name and Armory? - by Baron Modar Neznanich

Fiber Arts

Knitted Acorn Hat Pattern for Beginners - by Lady Cecilia de Gatisbury. A beginners guide to a simple knitted hat.


Recipe for Traumatized by Trebuchet Soup - Lady Mea Giuseppi de Firenze

Four Course Norse Themed Feast - Mistress Gwen A’Brooke's recipes for the Horse and Falcon event 2012

Chicken with Cherry Cream Sauce: A Potential Norseman's Meal - By HL Gwen A Brooke

A Brief History of Pretzels - by Lady Lorraine Devereaux

Mushrooms and Leeks - Lady Jeahanette de Nice Mountjaux

Henne in Bokenade - By HL Gwen A'Brooke

Mustard During Medieval Times - by Her Ladyship Gwen A'Brooke

Period Recipes Perfect for SCA events - by Lady Alianora de Olmandiers

Lillies Picnic Pickles - Gwyneth

Chicken in Sweetened Almond Milk - By Mistress Gwen A'Brooke

The Medieval Tavern Food Project: Phase 1 - By Mistress Gwen A'Brooke

Kris Kinder Inn Recipes - HE Mirabel Wynne. From Kris Kinder 2010

Yes, Funnel Cakes are Period!!! - HL Alianora de Olmondiers

Renfest Stew - Mistress Jonsdottir

Medieval Culture

Christmas Traditions in Medieval Times - by His Excellency Trevor of Chinon

Twelve Days of Christmas - by Mistress Genevieve Penrose

Sign Language is Period - by Lord Bjarni Ulfarsson


Hnefatafl - By Lord Primyterious duGathay An old Norse Game: easy Rules/ Hard to master

Armor & fighting

6-in-1 Maille: Fact of Fiction? - by Lord Thomas the Black

Geometry and Timing in Combat - by His Excellency Trevor of Chinon

Medieval German Armor 1300 - 1350 AD by His Excellency Trevor of Chinon

Footwork from I.33 Adapted for SCA Combat by His Excellency Trevor of Chinon I.33 refers to a German manuscript in the collection in the Royal Armouries.

Historical vs. Modern Chain Maille Weaves - by Lord Thomas the Black

History of Chain Maille - by Lord Thomas the Black

Butted vs. Riveted Chain Maille - by Lord Thomas the Black

Maille vs. Archery - by Lord Thomas the Black

Armor Strapping 101 - by His Excellency Trevor of Chinon

Arts and Science

Ash Longbows: construction Notes and Guide - János Katona

An Overview of Glass Beads - by Master Mellitus of Rouncivalee

Basic Documentation - By His Excellency Trevor of Chinon

Advanced Documentation - By His Excellency Trevor of Chinon

The Closet of the Eminently Learned Sir Kenelme Digbie Opened for the SCA Meadmaker - by HL Mathurin Kerbusso

Introduction to Calligraphy - by Sythe, Lord Blackwolfe

Alpargatas - Spanish Rope Shoes - Josefina del Torre

Garb and Sewing

Annotated Bibliography of Useful Books for Those Who Wish to Recreate Clothing of the Italian Renaissance - by Mistress Luciana della Ridolfi

Color Suggestions for Women's Clothes from Ancient Rome - By Narcissa Patricius

Period Topics

The Medieval Origin of the Modern Hashtag: A review of a Review - THL Lorraine Devereaux

The Rules of Courtly Love - Andreas Capellanus was the 12th century author of a treatise commonly entitled De amore (“On Love”) -- by Lady Lorraine Devereaux

Natural Disasters of the Middle Ages - by Lady Lorraine Devereaux

New Year's Day During SCA Period - by Lady Lorraine Devereaux

Saint Valentine's Day During SCA Period - by Lady Lorraine Devereaux

The Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit Through a Medievalist's Eyes - by Lady Lorraine Devereaux

Bibles and Books of Hours - by Lady Lorraine Devereaux

Period Prosthetics - by Lord Majnun Ibn Nizami Tabel Ragis

Disabled Persons During the 16th Century - by Lady Lorraine Devereaux

Gambling and Gaming - by Lady Ylva Jonsdottir

A look at the Game of Poch - by Lady Lorraine Devereaux

The Not So Merry Kings of England (and a Queen or Two) - by Her Ladyship Fiona nic Gormliatha. A short overview of the rulers of England.

October, Kalends Style - Her Ladyship Lorraine Devereaux. An ancient calendar system from Roman times.

New Year's Day - Her Ladyship Lorraine Devereaux. New Year's Day in many cultures from the Roman and Medieval period.

Today's Date as Your Persona Would Record it - Her Ladyship Lorraine Devereaux

Canonical Hours - by Lorraine Gehring. Until the 14th century, the public “clock” in most places was the bells rung by the nearby monastery or church.

Unequal Hours - by Lorraine Gehring. Until the 14th century, when mechanical tower clocks appear in cities across Europe, the people

of the Middle Ages used unequal-length hours that changed with the seasons.

Did you Know? - by THL Lorraine Devereaux. A Collection of interesting facts on William the Marshal

Did you Know?- by THL Lorrain Devereaux. A Collection of interesting facts on Henry I

SCA Topics

No Excuses - Queen's Prize Advice From the Kingdom Arts and and Sciences Champion By Brian mac omáis Uí Fhoghladha

Past Newsletters Chronicle Many Changes in Forgotten Sea - By Lady Lorraine Devereaux; Article on the history of Forgotten Sea and the Clarion Newsletter.

Why We Do Demos - Her Excellency Ylva Jonsdottir

Choosing a Name & Creating a Persona - Baron Modar Neznanich

War Journal - by Niall Mac Broin. A first hand account of a Gulf Wars adventure.

Test Your Time Knowlege - by Lorraine Gehring Interesting article, done in a quiz format, on period timekeeping.

My First Queen's Prize Tourney - Her Excellency Ylva Jonsdottir

Autocrat Check List - Lady Miranda Logansdottir