The Seneschal is responsible for the daily administration of the Barony. They are the legal representative of the SCA. The Seneschal also oversees all the other Baronial officers. The Baronage rules and the Seneschal administers. Direct any organizational or legal questions to the Seneschal. The Seneschal reports to the Kingdom Seneschal and the Baronage.

Lord Randr "Randlar" Tokesson

Email: seneschal

The Seneschal runs our monthly baronial business meeting.  Curia is an open meeting and all members of the populace are welcome to attend.  Feel free to join us and learn more about official decisions, plans, and updates related to the running of the barony.

The place to go to submit officer's quarterly reports, find official release forms and waivers, and get resources to organize events.

Collecting Media In Johnson County Parks

The Commercial Use Permit grants members of the society access to take photographs and videos for educational use in Johnson County parks.  It is important to remember that this is content collected by society members of society members and only to be used for educational reasons.