Minister of Arts and Sciences

The Minister of Arts and Sciences (MoA/S) oversees projects of a crafting nature. This includes fiber arts, cooking, leatherwork, armormaking, etc. The MoA/S arranges for classes, keeps track of projects the populace are working on and finds mentors and teachers for those seeking information on a new craft. The Minister of Arts and Sciences reports to the Seneschal and the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences.

Batilda VonKöln

Email: artsandsciences

Here in Forgotten Sea, we offer a variety of courses on medieval skills and information as well as courses on our own local history.  We are always adding new class handouts and information so keep an eye out for the latest.

If you have taught a class and would like to contribute your course handouts to our library, please send us copies.

Members of our barony are known for their industriousness and creativity across the known world.  Help us celebrate what we have accomplished and learn more about what others in the barony have been making.

If you have a project that you would like to have featured, please send us your articles and pictures.

A huge part of A&S is researching and learning about history.  We are building a library of research resources to help with this process.  

If you have recommendations for resources that we can add to this collection, please contact the Minister of Arts & Sciences or the Webminister with the reference information so that we can share it with the rest of the barony.