Roll of Arms

The Roll of Arms includes the devices of members of the Barony, past and present, as well as honorary members of the Barony.

The Roll of Arms is a work in progress, so please do not be alarmed if you do not see your device here yet! Generally, there is a dedicated work night once a month, on the first Thursday of the month. Additionally, every other week at fighter practice there are people working on new pennants (alternating with the weeks which the Heralds run a Heraldic Consult Table - essentially, the week before and the week after Curia there will generally be painting). Anybody is welcome to come help out! We can use people to trace, to draw, to paint, to spray sealant, and to help convert devices from the normal "shield" shape to the pennant shape. Check the calendar here for upcoming opportunities to join us! If you would like more information, contact the Baronial Herald and they will put you in contact with the people running the project.

There is a more up-to-date listing of completed and in-progress pennants here. If you do not see it on either tab, you can request your device be added.

The Roll of Arms, as of 2018-04-05: