The Chronicler is in charge of putting together our local newsletter, The Clarion. You may find and download electronic copies of the Clarion here. The Clarion has interesting articles and “how to” tutorials plus information of a local nature, including both local and Kingdom events. The Chronicler reports to the Seneschal and the Kingdom Chronicler. 

Sláine inghean Uí Duibh Darach 

Email: chronicler

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We are always looking for new content to share with the barony.  Have an article, artwork, or announcement that you'd like to share?  Please send them to us!  Due date for submissions is the 10th of the month prior to the issue's release.  That means if you'd like to get your content in the April issue of The Clarion, you're going to need to make sure we have it by May 10th.

For articles and other original works, please submit the Original Content Form.

For photographs, please fill out the Original Photography Form.

If you have any questions, please send them to The Chronicler.