The Chatelaine assists new people in getting started in the SCA, and works with those interested in our Barony. The chatelaine serves as a deputy to the Seneschal and the Kingdom Chatelaine The chatelaine also oversees the Demo Coordinator, who arranges educational and recruiting demos designed to bring the SCA and the Barony to the public. They also oversee the Gold Key, who maintains and provides loaner costumes for prospective new members to wear when attending their first SCA event. 

Brangwyn Steward

Email: chatelaine

Have a question, comment, or concern involving participation in the barony?  Want to look the part but don't know what to wear?  Curious about what you need to participate in local events and activities?  Stuck on a research project and need a hand finding resources?  Please reach out, we are always happy to help you feel more involved and welcome.