Urgent Message from Their Excellencies:

Calling All Calligraphers and Illuminators

His Excellency Kendall has been working on creating Baronial Scrolls for when we are all able to return to some resemblance of “Normal” Activities. We now have the wording that we would like to use on the first three scrolls and we are in need of help from you.

We are reaching out to find those of you interested in helping to put your skills to use in creating the preprints for these awards.

  • *We would like to have this first group of completed preprints submitted to us before Christmas of 2020 if at all possible.

  • *You may choose to work alone or in co-operation with another artisan (Recognition will be given to all involved with your end product.)

  • *While we are 14th Century English/French in personae we are open to all styles/cultures/time periods.

  • *If you are interested in participating please contact us via our Baronage Emails so that we can send you the text wording. Email: baronage@bfs-kc.org

  • *Information will also be made available on this Facebook Group Page: Baronial Scroll Creation Project (please request to join as it is a private page) and via the BFS Email list.

Baronial Messaging

If you would like to join the Baronial Email Group, please follow the instructions here .

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