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The Baronage

Soren and Rowan
The Baron and Baroness are the representatives of the King and Queen in the lands of The Barony of Forgotten Sea (the greater Kansas City area). They are the ruling nobility of the Barony and can hold Baronial Court and give Baronial awards. They serve at the pleasure of Their Majesties. Along with the Seneschal, they oversee the running of the Barony.

Baron Soren atte' Raven and Baroness Rowan Del Wich.

Modern Names: Shane Abel and Teresa Abel
Phone: 816-213-4993 (no calls after 10 pm, Please)
Email: baronage@bfs-kc.org

His Excellency baron@bfs-kc.org
Her Excellency baroness@bfs-kc.org


The Seneschal is responsible for the daily administration of the Barony. They are the legal representative of the SCA. The Seneschal also oversees all the other Baronial officers. The Baronage rules and the Seneschal administrates. Direct any organizational or legal questions to the Seneschal. The Seneschal reports to the Kingdom Senechal and the Baronage.

Lord Aed mac Cormaic
Mka: Fred Liner
Phone: 816-714-9269 (no calls after 9 PM please)
Email: seneschal@bfs-kc.org


Chatelaine assists new people in getting started in the SCA, and works with those interested in our Barony. The chatelaine serves as a deputy to the Seneschal and the Kingdom Chatelaine The chatelaine also oversees the Demo Coordinator position, who arranges educational and recruiting demos designed to bring the SCA and the Barony to the public. The Gold Key holder collects, maintains and provides loaner costumes for prospective new members to wear when attending their first SCA event. 

Lord Emerick Jones

Email: chatelaine@bfs-kc.org


The Exchequer is the Barony's treasurer. They keep the books and are responsible for all financial matters for the group.The Exchequer reports to the Seneschal and the Kingdom Exchequer.

Mistress Anna Plantyn
Modern Name: Brandy Andrews

Arts and Sciences

The Minister of Arts and Sciences (MoA/S) oversees projects of a crafting nature. This includes fiber arts, cooking, leatherwork, armormaking, etc. The MoA/S arranges for classes, keeps track of projects the populace are working on and finds mentors and teachers for those seeking information on a new craft. The Minister of Arts and Sciences reports to the Seneschal and the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences.

Lady Aelin Kausi
Modern name:
Email: artsandsciences@bfs-kc.org

Knights Marshal

The Knight's Marshal oversees all armored combat in the Barony. The marshal or his or her deputy inspects weapons and armor for safety, run weekly fighter practice, and ensure safety during tournaments, battles or fighting demonstrations.The Knights Marshal reports to the Seneschal and the Kingdom Earl Marshal.

HL John Bowyer
Modern name: Chris Raynor
Phone - 719-679-2014 (please keep calls between 6am-9pm)

Archer Marshal

Archer Marshal
oversees archery-related activities, including archery practice and helping train new archers. The Archer Marshal reports to the Knight's Marshal and the Kingdom Archer Marshal.

HL Janos Katona
Modern name: Joel Ricketts
Phone: (No calls after 10:00 PM)
Email: archer-marshal@bfs-kc.org


The Chronicler is in charge of putting together our local newsletter, The Clarion. You may find and download electronic copies of the Clarion here. The Clarion has interesting articles and “how to” tutorials plus information of a local nature, including both local & Kingdom events. The Chronicler reports to the Seneschal and the Kingdom Chronicler.

HL Edward Logan de Munro
Modern Name:
Email: chronicler@bfs-kc.org

Fountain Pursuivant

  The Fountain Pursuivant is in charge of heraldic activities, such as the creation and registration of names,arms and badges.

Lady Zarah bat Chesed
Modern Name: Sarah Mae Winchell

Web Minister

The Web Minister is the technical person in charge of assuring SCA compliance and presentation on the internet. They are also responsible for the up-keep of the baronial website. The Web Minister reports to the Seneschal and the Kingdom Web Minister.

Lord Hirakawa Kagetora (Tora)
816-935-5256 (text or message after 9pm)
Telegram: @travistgr

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