Kansas City Area Groups

We're pleased to have an active and friendly network of SCA groups around Kansas City. No matter where you live around the broader metro region, you'll find a close by SCA group to play with.

The "Known World" of the SCA is divided into numerous regional "kingdoms," of which Calontir represents Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and parts of northwest Arkansas. Each kingdom is generally composed of a number of three basic types of local groups. Baronies typically represent the largest, most active, and self-sufficient local groups and are generally located in large metro areas. In fact, some larger cities are home to multiple baronies.

A canton is a smaller sized local group that collectively lacks the ability to be fully self-sufficient.As such, they are considered subordinate to their local barony and receive help from that barony. The other basic type of group is known as a shire. These groups are small-to-medium sized, but are self-sufficient and wholly independent of any nearby baronies. You'll often find shires in suburbs next to a large, city-center barony or in smaller towns and cities.

Our Canton

The Barony of Forgotten Sea is proud to assist our cousins from the canton of Aston Tor.

Southeastern KC metro—Jackson County, MO: Independence, Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, etc.

Other KC-Area Groups

In addition to our cantons, there are a number of other active SCA groups around the wider Kansas City metro area.

Southwestern KC metro—southern Johnson County and Miami County, KS: Overland Park, Olathe, Gardner

St. Joeseph, MO

Lawrence, KS and Ottowa, KS