Pink Ribbon Tourney II Saint Agatha’s Revenge

Pink Ribbon Tourney 2

"St. Agatha’s Revenge"

Saturday October 12th - 14th, 2012

Join us for a weekend of fun for a good cause! All Profits from this event will be donated to breast cancer research!


Hollis Renewal Center

Address: 11414 Kansas Ave, KC KS 66111

Map Link:

GPS Latitude, Longitude (39.091966,-94.847589)

Site opens at 4:00 PM Friday and closes 11:00 AM Sunday

Site Fee:

$12 for adults ($5 non-member surcharge)

$9 for 17-6

Free for under 6 years old.

Make checks payable to “SCA, Inc., Barony of Forgotten Sea.”


Directions: Take I-70 to the west side of town, exit 410 (110th St.). (Near Legends).

Turn south on 110th, then right (west) on Kansas Avenue, and follow the signs

Many exciting activities are planned:

tournaments (standard and consort), classes, competitions (best use of pink in a period project, best pink outfit (bonus points for ecclesiastical wear)), fabulous feasting and a charity auction all for the cause. Site is wet, camping is plentiful (with showers!) and well tended pets are welcome.

Event Schedule


9:00 AM Authorizations Fighting starts at 10:00 AM. See Event Schedule>>

Archery Schedule


9:00 AM Range Open/ Inspections and Practice

Shoots scheduled throughout the day. See Event Schedule>>


Royal court at Their Majesties pleasure.

  • HL Mathieu Chartrain to be elevated to Chivalry

Feast and Inn Menu

Feast Menu

$10 Above the Salt

$5 Below the Salt

Reservations can be sent to the Event steward. Allergy questions can be emailed to the feast steward.

Above the Salt (seating for 32)

1st Course

Herbed Salad

Grilled Mushrooms with Pancetta and Garlic

Smoked Yellow Sausage Bites

Stuffed Eggs

Breads served with Herbed Olive Oil

2nd Course

Chicken Breasts in Pomegranate Sauce

Onion, Chicken and Salt Pork Pastries

Ricotta and Herb Ravioli

Asparagus or Minced Spinach

Rice cooked in Almond Milk

Onion and Herb Fritters

3rd Course

Tart made from a Good and Perfect Dish of Apples

Angels Food served with Biscotti

Figs with Rose Petals

Candied Orange Peel

A Special Surprise Dessert to be Announced at the Feast :)

Below the Salt (seating for 40)

1st Course

Grilled Mushrooms with Pancetta and Garlic

Stuffed Eggs

Breads with Herbed Olive Oil2nd Course

Onion, Chicken and Salt Pork Pastries

Ricotta and Herb Ravioli

Onion and Herb Fritters3rd Course

Tart made from a Good and Perfect Dish of Apples

Inn menu

Saturday Breakfast

7:00 AM located in the small kitchen by Troll.

Eggs cooked to order

French toast

Hot donuts (cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar)



Main dish

Pulled pork on bun

Garlic chicken skewers

Lentil-veggie soup (V)


Pasta salad (V)

Rice pilaf

Hummus and pita (V)

Fruit salad (V)


Boiled eggs

Pickled veggies (V)

Apple sauce cup (V)



A-cup size

B-cup size

DD-cup size

Note: all items marked with a (V) are vegan friendly. And other than 3 things the entire menu should be able to even make those gluten-intolerant people happy. Sadly, one of those things is the cupcakes. Can't win them all.

Arts and Science

We will have four A&S competitions at the Pink Ribbon Tourney – and we encourage all to participate!

  • Best use of pink in period clothing (bonus points for ecclesiastical garb)
  • Best use of pink in a set of fighting gear
  • Best breast in any artistic medium
  • Best use of pink in a period project

Looking for teachers!

We're looking for classes dealing with the use of the color pink or breasts in history - things like how to properly fit a bodice for all sizes of women, the symbolism and meaning of breasts in period artwork, or changing necklines throughout history. Please contact the event steward to volunteer or with any questions.

For class information See Event Schedule>>

Merchants Welcome

Outdoor space for merchanting is available, first come first serve. Must have own tables/shade fly.

Charity Auction

Saturday - Bring your pocket money and your spare items! A charity auction will raise money for the cause. Donations of items which would be of interest to an SCA member are welcome either prior to, or at the event.


Event Steward

Ms. Gwen A'Brooke

(mka Gretchen Allen Johns)

11406 W. 60th Terr

Shawnee, KS 66203

913 645 6908 (no calls after 9pm)

Feast Steward

HL Alianora de Olmandiers

mka Terri Nelson

913-631-6326 no calls after 9 pm please

Feast reservations can be sent to the event steward, allergy questions can be emailed to the feast steward.


Her Ladyship Lisette

(816) 853-4920 [no calls after 9pm]

For questions on the inn's menu or ingredients feel free to contact me, please place "pink ribbon" in the title