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Weekly Announcements for BFS - October 19th, 2020

posted Oct 20, 2020, 7:10 PM by Forgotten Sea

October 19, 2020

BFS Weekly Announcements


Unto Our Baronial Family,


The days light grows shorter and the blustery wind carries with it the promise of winter. Our days of savoring fresh Summer flavors and the days of lingering in the rich warm rays of sunlight are numbered. Soon we will start to see our breath in the early mornings and we will begin taking our wools and leg wrappings from their storage. It is time to hasten to complete our final harvests and prepare for the dancing of snowflakes as they travel from the great grey sky toward the frozen ground all around us. His Excellency and I realize that this year may seem a bit more sparse/grey for some within the lands that we maintain for their Majesties. We would like to remind you that while we may still be social distancing that you are always welcome to reach out if you feel you are in need of anything. Enjoy a cup of warm cider, mead, mulled wine, tea, whatever you have, and feel the warmth fill you. Let it remind you that one day we will be able to gather again and feel the joy that is spread when we all gather together.


Consider yourselves hugged!


Baroness Alianora


From the Seneschal


Moving the BFS web presence to the new program is moving ahead swiftly. Most humble thanks to our Web Minister team, HE Sir Duncan Bruce of Logan and HE Ulfr Thyrison!


Please consider all the worthy individuals who through their efforts have made surviving this time of plague, pestilence, and upheaval less traumatic. Make award recommendations at both the Kingdom and Baronial level so that we can have many opportunities to gather and celebrate them when we are able!


We are becoming desperate to find a new Knights Marshal and a deputy, to be up to speed with plans and activities to enhance the training of our war host once we are safe to venture out and gather.


We also strongly encourage the populous to engage your inner craftsman, artist, and/or seamstress to begin creating gifts and treasures that we can bestow onto Their Majesties as Largess at the first opportunity for them to conduct Court! 


Lastly, I wish to remind all members new or not so new, that Curia will continue to be open to all that wish to attend, virtually, the second Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Please join in, put it on your calendar, set every imaginable reminder, and be a part of the process.



Archery on Sunday, 1-3 pm


Weather permitting, we’ll have archery practice at Shawnee Mission Park again this Sunday. If we need to cancel, I’ll let you know by noon. Check Facebook and the Barony’s email group.


You’ll need a permit from the Shawnee Mission Park office. The cost is $5 for a one-day permit or $15 for an annual permit for Johnson County residents or $7/$20 for non-residents. (Sorry, no crossbows allowed.) Contact Mathurin for more information at archer-marshal@bfs-kc.org.


Remember to bring your own water and wear a face mask.  


Baronial Meetings and Events:


·       Sunday, 1 pm to 3 pm, Archery Practice at Shawnee Mission Park. Contact Mathurin at archer-marshal@bfs-kc.org or on Facebook (Rex Deaver) if you plan to attend.


To add news or announcements, please send items to social.media@bfs-kc.org and webminister@bfs-kc.org. Thanks!