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Weekly Announcements for BFS - June 15th, 2020

posted Jun 17, 2020, 5:29 PM by Forgotten Sea

From the Baroness


We would like to Thank Mistress Alessandra for sharing some of the secrets of beginning calligraphy with us last week.


Upcoming Zoom Meeting Info


We invite you to join us on Tuesday at 7 pm when Mistress Giraude will host a Thread Wrapped (not fabric wrapped) Buttons class. Information about the class and the supplies needed is listed below. If you would like to schedule teaching a class/discussion, or request a class you would like to watch, you can email our MOAS Ylva at artsandsciences@bfs-kc.org or send a Facebook message to Deanna Lewis.


New Night?


We are considering changing the nights of our A&S Gatherings due to some of our folks having previous engagements on Tuesday evenings. I would love to hear any feedback concerning what weeknight would be to your liking, please.


Indoor Fighter Practice Information


During our Curia meeting last Wednesday we discussed a site for indoor Fighter Practice for the fall. I know that it seems like Summer just began and that we have all the time in the world until Fall, unless you are trying to schedule an indoor site. We are finding that like many other things in today’s modern world that the prices have gone up from last year. With that in mind and having our recent Coronation in the middle of a snowstorm, we will be passing the hat/box/whatever at upcoming fighter practices/gatherings when we can meet again. Please keep this note in mind and prepare to have a little something to add to the hat when it comes your way.


News of The Trident Inn


We are looking into planning another visit to the Trident Inn complete with good friends, games and of course lots of grub! We will keep you posted with info as it becomes available, we just wanted everyone to have a chance to plan some amazing games and think of all the awesome things they may want to donate for the auction at the end of the day.


Baroness Alianora


From the Seneschal

The bids for Kris Kinder and Spring Crown Tournament have been accepted, and we will move forward with plans for Bloody Trident Inn tentatively in March 2021.


Officers: We still need deputies or replacements for several Baronial officers, including Knight Marshal, Exchequer, Web Minister and Seneschal.

Reminder: The Society grace period for membership renewal ends July 1. Anyone that holds an office or warrant and needs assistance in keeping membership current should send an email to seneschal@bfk-kc.org or artsandsciences@bfs-kc.org or message me or Countess Ylva on Facebook.


Virtual Fighter Practice Using Zoom This Wednesday at 7 pm


Thanks to HRM Lucian for last week’s lessons on tactical command and Sir John Bowyer on being a sergeant in the Calontir army. You can see last week’s meeting at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuOTscavDyA. There’s also a handout on Google docs for the sergeant’s role: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WyOKCuwJbalDsdRw_9g5hEjOizDEOrGBW1v5YYDYdOI/edit?fbclid=IwAR3CbidNcg8tuEFjrJWZNlZ-HQqTRiIm9aSPSX2jByH-844KHgd_6A9LeQA.


Wednesday, June 17: This week HE Matsunaga Kagetora will lead the discussion. We will try to keep this going as long as we are under the SCA moratorium. You can log in to Zoom .



BFS General Populace Meeting and Class this Tuesday at 7 pm

16th-Century Thread Wrapped Bead Buttons, taught by M. Giraude Benet.

Learn how to make 16th-century style buttons by wrapping and weaving thread over a wood bead core. This is the style of button seen on many garments in Janet Arnold's "Patterns of Fashion 3: The Cut and Construction of Clothes for Men and Women C. 1560-1620." This technique can also be adapted to make buttons for Persian and Ottoman clothing.


Materials needed for the class: Large wooden bead (14mm is a good size for the practice piece), size 5 crochet cotton or similar heavy thread, and a blunt-tipped size 22 tapestry needle (a sharp needle won't work very well).


Topic: How to make thread-wrapped buttons with Mistress Giraude.

Time: Jun 16, 2020, 7 pm Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

For more information on the Zoom meeting, contact Her Excellency Alianora at baroness@bfs-kc.org. To volunteer to teach a class, contact Her Excellency Ylva at artsandsciences@bfs-kc.org.


Baronial Meetings and Events:


·       Tuesday, 7 pm – BFS Virtual Populace Meeting. From 7-8 pm a class will be presented; 8 pm general social discussion begins. How to join the virtual gathering is listed above. Email baroness@bfs-kc.org for more info.

·       Wednesday, 7-8:30 pm, BFS Virtual Fighter Practice. How to join is listed above. Email marshal@bfs-kc.org for more info.


To add news or announcements, please send items to social.media@bfs-kc.org and webminister@bfs-kc.org. Thanks!