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Weekly Announcements for BFS - February 17th, 2019

posted Feb 17, 2020, 7:09 PM by Forgotten Sea

Notes from Curia February 12, 2020:

· Their Excellencies

o   Thank you for attending.

· Webminister

o   The website is functioning.

o   The Coronation website and forwarders need to be deactivated.

· On the topic of Coronation, there is a large blueish/greenish platter that was passed around in Court and is still missing. If anyone knows of its whereabouts, please let the Coronation event steward know.

· Knights Marshal

o   We have fighters.

o   We need to start thinking about what we’ll do when we move outside and for a practice site next fall. The community center will be moving to its new location across the highway this summer, and we’re not sure if we’ll be able to keep using it.

o   He is looking for several deputies: a drop-dead deputy, and a deputy willing to handle the loaner armor.

· Exchequer

o   Account balance was stated. (Quickly. This was not an omission; I didn’t get it written down in time).

o   We have a few checks needing to be signed; the financial committee members should please stay after so they can be signed.

o   We don’t have the final numbers for Coronation yet, as there are still a few refunds waiting to clear.

· Herald

o   Four people had items registered since last Curia: 3 names, 2 devices.

o   There are 22 items in the pipeline, 16 from BFS, and 6 from Aston Tor.

· Chatelaine

o   Please do not bring any more Gold Key donations at present, we have a lot she is busy sorting through.

o   We had quite a few new people show up, and a few have returned over the past few months.

o   We do not currently have any demos scheduled. Schools seem to be concerned about safety, so she is looking into conventions.

· A&S Minister

o   Queen’s Prize was last weekend, and Finan won Judge’s Choice.

o   On Feb. 26, Lady Narcissa will run the first class of the year, about Summer Roman garb.

o   We are looking for a time to hold the Lucet class. Watch for an announcement when it is scheduled.

o   The Baronial A&S Championship will be held on April 29. The theme is to make something for your persona.

· We have a bid due in April for the 2021 Spring Crown. We are currently seeking event stewards for it. If you are interested, please contact the Seneschal.

· We are looking for event stewards for Kris Kinder, in December. If you are interested, please contact the Seneschal.

· Update on the new mats we ordered for fighter practice: the manufacture is backed up by over 1500 units. It seems the backup is in customs. We expect we will run into the same issue with other manufacturers, so for now we are sticking with the same one so we do not lose our place in line, but it means we will need to continue using the old mats for now.

Baronial A&S Championship


We have a date for the Baronial A&S Championship now! It will take place on Wednesday, April 29, at the regularly scheduled fighter practice. There will be a table set up for entries.


As a reminder, the theme is to make something for your persona. If you've been putting off that personal project because you had other things to get done, now's the time to take care of it! Documentation is a 3x5 notecard minimum, although more is always encouraged.


Summer Roman Clothing Class Next Wednesday:


In celebration of the current Roman reign of Their Royal Majesties Calontir, and to aid the populace in creating cool and comfortable clothing for spring and summer events, Lady Fabia Narcissa Patricia will lead a class/discussion titled "Summer Roman: A casual look at Roman garb based on primary sources and scholarly investigations." The class will be held at Fighter Practice, on February 26 at 7 pm on the stage in the gym.


    Upcoming Activities:

  • Monday, February 17th - 6:30-8:30 PM - BFS Archery Practice 
  • Wednesday, February 19th - 6:00-9 PM - BFS Fighter Practice,  Irene B French Community Center, 5701 Merriam Dr, Shawnee Mission, KS-
  • Monday, February 24th - 6:30-8:30 PM - BFS Archery Practice 
  • Wednesday, February 26th - 6:00-9 PM - BFS Fighter Practice,  Irene B French Community Center, 5701 Merriam Dr, Shawnee Mission, KS-
  • Thursday, February 27th, 7-9 PM -  Aston Tor Fighter Practice, Walnut Gardens Community of Christ, 19201 E RD Mize Road, Independence, MO.

    Upcoming Events:    

  •         Feb 22nd, Chieftains, Barony of Three Rivers  (St. Louis, MO)
  •         Feb 29th, Winter War Maneuvers, Barony of Mag Mor  (Lincoln, NE)

    To add news or announcements - please send items to webminister@bfs-kc.org. Thanks!