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Weekly Announcements for BFS - August 17th, 2020

posted Aug 19, 2020, 6:39 PM by Forgotten Sea

From the Baron


Greetings one and all!


During our time apart, we are reminded that we all have time to not only upgrade our personal kit but sometimes it helps to have a deadline. Nothing motivates like a deadline. We remind you that the Queen’s Prize Tournament is six months away. If you have not entered, please consider it. The learning experience is invaluable, please reach out to us and we will gladly help you with details.


If you haven’t had enough of Friday Night Bardic, join us next Wednesday for some bardic education. Mistress Dorcas will teach us Calontir’s popular songs, learn the lyrics and discuss the history thereof. We still believe in the dream, and we are grateful you are interested in continued participation.


~YIS, Gerald Kendall


From the Seneschal


Unto the Iren and Stile Fighters & Marshals of Forgotten Sea, I bear tidings of need.


Our beleaguered Knights Marshal, Master Brendan Mac an tSoir, is in need of respite.

To this end Their Excellencies and I are seeking candidates to act as an immediate, temporary stand-in when in-person activities resume, and to mentor and groom new marshal candidates through the process at best possible speed to step up to fill this position.


To that purpose I have identified a list of warranted marshals in the Barony, many of whom already hold another office. Those who are no longer active I have tried to remove. They are:


Anna Planyn

Avraham ben David Hakurari

Brian Robert MacDougall

Caius Rectus Xerxis

Duncan Bruce of Logan

Duncan of Skeene

Gwayne ap Tristam

Gerald Kendall

Gustov Jamison

Jon Bowyer

Martus Alexanderov

Matsunaga Kagetora

Murdoch Stubbhard

Niall Mac Brion

Snorri Bjornsson


Should any of these individuals feel that they might have the time and energy to mentor and mold marshals-in-training to assume this essential job, please make notice to myself and Their Excellencies prior to the resumption of in-person physical practices. 


We are also seeking those with a desire to facilitate practices, tournaments, and wars in the future when we all return to in-person activities! And those who had already started the MIT process and have been but awaiting the day we can move forward again, please also notify us so we can help move you forward with the most haste when activities resume to serve as deputies and keepers of the Armory.


Letters of Intent to Serve will be welcomed for review and consideration through December.


Stile Marshal


We also will need candidates possessing a stile marshal warrant to serve as Deputy for Rapier to the knight’s marshal, and keeper of the Stile Armory. Letters of Intent to Serve should be submitted for consideration to the Baronage, the seneschal and the knight’s marshal as soon as possible, to arrive before next Curia.


In Service to Crown and Populous!

Laird Brian Robert MacDougall 


For more information on the Zoom meeting, contact Her Excellency Alianora at baroness@bfs-kc.org. To volunteer to teach a class, contact Her Excellency Ylva at artsandsciences@bfs-kc.org.


Archery Practice Again Next Sunday at 6 pm


Join us Sunday at Shawnee Mission Park’s archery range. You’ll need to bring your own water, wear a mask and have a valid permit.


Get your archery permit at most Walmarts or at the Shawnee Mission Park office during office hours. You can get a one-day permit for $5 or an annual permit for $15 for Johnson County residents or $20 for non-residents. Unfortunately, crossbows are not allowed at the archery range.


Please let Mathurin know if you plan to attend. Contact him on Facebook (Rex Deaver) or at archer-marshal@bfs-kc.org.   


Baronial Meetings and Events:


·       Wednesday, 7 pm, Baronial Get-Together: How to join is listed above. Email baroness@bfs-kc.org for more info.

·       Sunday, 6 pm to 8 pm, Archery Practice at Shawnee Mission Park. Email archer-marshal@bfs-kc.org for more info.


To add news or announcements, please send items to social.media@bfs-kc.org and webminister@bfs-kc.org. Thanks!