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News from Coronation

posted Jan 11, 2015, 2:48 PM by Gustav Jameson   [ updated Jan 11, 2015, 2:52 PM by Forgotten Sea ]

A message from Their Excellencies Logan and Ylva...

Rejoice Forgotten Sea, for We bring tidings of Great Joy! Calontir's future is secure and a new King and Queen sit the thrones.

While the day was a bit cold and we were all glad for an indoor venue, Coronation was a grand event that should make Three Rivers proud. Their Majesties Agamemnon and Gwen had some business before they stepped down from the heavy burden and great joy that is ruling Calontir, which included:
  • Inviting Lady Allison of Forgotten Sea into Their Order of the Torse.
  • Awarding Lady Cecilia de Gatisbury a Queen's Endorsement of Distinction for Courtesy
  • Awarding Her Excellency Ylva Jonsdottir a Queen's Endorsement of Distinction for the Ideals of the Society

They stepped down to many tears and cheers, but were ably succeeded by Their Majesties Anton and Isabeau, whose reign got off to a smashing start with an incredibly entertaining Crest Tournament. It appeared that everyone was having a good time, and the children (and future fighters) of Calontir were being well trained to go to where the candy is, sweep the field, and then fall back and regroup.

At Their evening court, Their Majesties awarded both His Lordship Agamemnon Platylithodae and Mistress Gwen A'Brooke County coronets of gold. Both the coronets and the scrolls they were presented with were stunningly beautiful. 

They also reluctantly granted the boon We begged to step down as Baron and Baroness. So now it is official, and you all should start to think about who you thing would make good candidates. Talk to your friends, and if you have any questions, talk to us.

Their Majesties general (and newest knight) requested that everyone who is planning on attending Gulf Wars, in whatever capacity, please pre-register. This helps the entire kingdom, by reserving the necessary space for our encampment. And for those of you fighting, please try and attend War Maneuvers next weekend to help train yourselves (if you are going) and your friends (if you are not) for the upcoming campaigns. NOTE: The site for War Maneuvers has a very slick floor, so His Majesty has granted a dispensation from the period footwear rule for this one event. Please be safe and wear what will give you the best footing for these slippery conditions.

In more local news, this week is Curia, Our monthly meeting with the officers of the barony. All officers should attend, their deputies are recommended to attend, but anyone at all may attend. We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday.

Stay warm!