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Report on Un-Slung Heroes from HE Ylva:

posted Jul 8, 2012, 8:49 PM by Sarah Beckett   [ updated Jul 8, 2012, 8:49 PM by Forgotten Sea ]
Yes, it was really really hot...but oh so much fun anyway! We can't
thank Aston Tor enough for all of the accommodations they made for the
weather - fans, showers, ice, cold water, etc - as well as for
graciously allowing Our Archery and Fighting Championships to be held.

Lady Alessandra de Piro is our new Archery Champion, by way of a hard
fought (and toasty) tournament which included thrown axes as well as

His Lordship Martus was victorious in the Fighting Championship, which
turned out to be a test of stamina as well as skill. The tourney was
accompanied by a lovely musical score featuring Her Majesty, and who
knew that His Grace Martino could dance?

Many thanks to everyone who organized and participated in both tournaments!

Their Majesties' Court brought many awards for Barony members:
Lady Raudan del Wiche - Torse
Lady Lasair Elen nic Tallier - Torse
Lord Randolf Fletcher - AoA
HL William of Fredricksburg- Iren-Fyrd

In sad news, the groups of Golden Sea and Lost Forrest are to be ( or
have been) dissolved. Change is hard.

From Baronial court:
Lady Raudan del Wiche - Baronial colors and Mark of Merit
HL William of Fredricksburg - Baronial colors and Mark of Merit
HL Bamba MacDermott - Baronial Colors
HL Ronan Meade - Baronial Colors

A great day! Thanks Tooooooooooor!