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Preprint Painting at Practice, and In Search Of a Webminister Deputy

posted Apr 24, 2018, 6:37 PM by Forgotten Sea
Hypatissa Konstantia Kaloethina will have preprint-painting supplies at the BFS fighter practice this week (April 25), for anyone who wishes to help paint Baronial preprints.


Greetings until the populace of Forgotten Sea! I am looking for a deputy for the office of Webminister, with the expectation that when the deputy is trained they will take over the office (exactly when that will be is up for discussion). If you are comfortable working with computers and are interested in helping the Barony, please consider volunteering for this position. Here is some information about what the position entails:

On average, work as webminister takes a total of around an hour per week. The weeks leading up to an event hosted by Forgotten Sea may take more.

-Ability to check your email on a regular basis. (The recommended response time I've previously seen is 48 hours.) You can get a deputy to help out with this, in case you will be unavailable for a short period.
-Reliable internet connection.
-Good written communication skills
-A willingness to interact with the various channels the newsletter is distributed through. This, at present, includes google sites, email, g+, facebook and twitter. (There are Baronial accounts for all but facebook; your personal account will be made a moderator for the Baronial page. If you do not presently have a facebook account, you need to be willing to create one.)
-A paid SCA membership and access to the Mews.
-Join the Calontir Webminister mailing list
-Attend the monthly Curia meeting
-Read, understand, & apply the Webminister handbook and Society Social Media Policy

Weekly duties:
-Prepare a draft of the weekly newsletter for the Baronage's approval
-Send out the weekly newsletter via the normal channels
-Respond to emails that come in to the webminister email and messages that come in to the facebook page inbox.
-Check email & send out practice cancellation notice if required on Wednesday afternoons.

Occasional duties:
-Update the BFS website (It uses Google sites; knowledge of HTML is not required.)
-Send urgent messages as needed via the normal channels
-Create/update websites for events hosted by the Barony. Generally includes at least Kris Kinder and Horse & Falcons.
-Update the Baronial calendar
-Update officer email forwarder addresses, facebook moderater privileges, and officer listings on the website as office-holders change.
-Yearly domesday report (this office does not require quarterly reports)
-Upload Curia notes (monthly) and the Clarion (quarterly) to the website.
-Renew the domain name listings (if applicable during your tenure).
-Moderate the Baronial facebook page and email lists
-Update the Baronial Order of Precedence after Baronial court.
-Maintain a list of release forms online

It is encouraged that the Webminister will find an emergency deputy of their own after taking office, if not a full deputy with intent to eventually take over. The webminister may, if they so desire, take on an additional deputy specifically for handling Social Media.

Thank you for reading, and please take some time to consider whether you would be willing to serve in this capacity. If you have any questions, please email webminister@bfs-kc.org. To apply for the position, please sent a letter of intent to webminister@bfs-kc.org, copying seneschal@bfs-kc.org and baronage@bfs-kc.org.

-Ayisha, BFS Webminister