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New Fighter Cards are Here!

posted Aug 19, 2012, 7:43 PM by Sarah Beckett   [ updated Aug 19, 2012, 7:43 PM by Forgotten Sea ]
Your old fighter card will expire in 13 days!

You can now print your new fighter card, valid until 8/31/2013, at

If you have already registered, then your registration is still valid, you
can print your card now. If you have not registered, go to
www.cardmarshal.com to sign up.

If you plan on fighting at Battlemoor III or Valor XXXIII you will need a
current card. Print your card now and avoid the rush.

Also, the system has now exited the beta test period. I'd like to thank
and recognize the team that made this happen. Without their commitment of
personal time and resources we never would have gotten this far. While we
still have a lot more to do, this is a milestone accomplishment. Next time
you see these folks at an event please thank them in person.

The FALCON system has been brought to you by:
His Lordship Brendan Mac an tSaoir, Lead Programmer, designer and code
His Lordship Mathieu Chartrain, Contributing Programmer.
Sir Duncan Bruce of Logan, Programming Consultant and database design.
Sir Hans Krieger, Programming Consultant.
Her Ladyship Kalisa Martel, Marshalatte Consultant and Subject Matter
His Lordship Aiden O'Seaghdma, Graphic Arts and Design of the fighter card
Taiji Bataciqan-nu Ko'un Ashir, Card Marshal and chief Alpha Tester.
Mistress Olga Belobashnia Cherepanova, Contributing artist. Provider of the
Falcon logo.
Her Ladyship Sung Sai-êrh for the CSS Styling based on the Calontir website.
His Grace Martino Michel Venneri, Concept Sponsor and willing to go along
with some crazy ideas.
Sir Gustav Jameson, meeting scheduler and note taker.