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Mid-Week Announcements 9/19/2017

posted Sep 19, 2017, 8:27 PM by Forgotten Sea
Volunteers needed for gate:

"Playing with Fire needs you!!! Gate shifts to be filled are:
5 to 7
7 to 10
8 to 10
10 to noon
noon to 2
Please email Svana at
To sign up for a shift. If everyone helps a little, no one will have to do a lot.

ps. there will be treats!!!!"

Fight School Week Three: Melees!

"Bring your six foot great weapons this week. We'll be doing Melees. This weekend is Mad Dog's and Englishman in Carlsby. 
We will be focused on small group tactic, fighting a small unit and Objective based Melee scenarios (Sometime you need more than just "get'em")
  • Three man teams and critique
    • 3 vs. 3 followed by a quick critique
    • Losing team holds the field
  • Mad Dogs and Englishman
    • Melee between two teams of Mis-matched skill levels
  • Capture the flag
  • Kill enemy leader"
-- Sir Gustav Jameson