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Letter from the Baronial Herald

posted Dec 20, 2016, 10:48 PM by Forgotten Sea

Greetings unto the Populous of Forgotten Sea!

Comes before you Lord Brian Robert MacDougall, humble servant to Crown and Populous of Calontir, and current Fountain Pursuivant – Baronial Herald of Forgotten Sea.

The first order of business I bring before you is my need for a Deputy. This person would be the individual that would train to be my second should I not be able to be present for any Baronial Court or Curia, and could insure that all Heraldic duties are discharged in my absence. This would also be the individual that would assume the mantle of this office when my term of service ends, and would step forward to carry on when I step down. This is a very important but not overly demanding position, and especially in Forgotten Sea where there are many experienced Heralds that provide a ready resource and support system. My term of service is by historical precedence set to expire in May, and my replacement should be prepared to don the mantle at Court at The Tournament of Horse & Falcon.

My second order of business is to provide some education unto the populous regarding the Expectations and Requirements for an individual serving as the Local Herald. There are two main areas that are handled by the local herald’s office. These are Vocal Heraldry and Book Heraldry. Vocal Heraldry includes Event Heraldry, Field Heraldry, Feast Heraldry and Court Heraldry. This is all the “Shouty” things to make sure the gathered populous know what is happening or about to happen, and my favorite part of the job.

Book Heraldry consists of working with submissions of heraldic devices, badges, and names. Additionally it can involve forays into advice on heraldic display and on protocol. This is the more challenging part of the job for me, but actually the more important piece. I am both fortunate and thankful to have many talented resources within the Barony and otherwise at my disposal to make this part less of a challenge.

Required duties: (Not Necessarily in the order listed)

  1. Herald local meetings/events.
  2. Herald local tournaments.
  3. Herald local feasts.
  4. Herald local courts.
  5. Make regular reports regarding any heraldic activity in your group to the Kingdom.
  6. Make court reports regarding any Kingdom level awards given at local events.
  7. Maintain an Order of Precedence for the group.
  8. Assist group members with research/development of names and devices and preparing submissions.
  9. Maintain the local group’s heraldic files.
  10. Maintain the local group’s heraldic library.

Suggested additional duties:

  1. Set up a consultation table at events.
  2. Promote heraldic display and pageantry.
  3. Educate others about vocal heraldry and/or book heraldry.
  4. Volunteer yourself and urge others to volunteer as a field, court or book herald at other events you attend.
  5. Write heraldic articles for your local newsletter.

These duties represent a large amount of responsibility and work. However, the local herald is not required to do all the work themselves. To this end, it is recommended that a herald establish a staff to assist in the completion of duties, if at all possible.

In Service to Crown, Populous, and The Dream!

Lord Brian Robert MacDougall