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Kris Kinder Thanks and other News

posted Dec 14, 2014, 9:16 AM by Forgotten Sea   [ updated Dec 14, 2014, 9:19 AM ]
KK Guy

From Their Excellencies Logan and Ylva...

What a fantastic event Kris Kinder was again this year! 

Forgotten Sea hosted over 600 people from several kingdoms this year, and everyone seemed to go home happy. Our most heart felt gratitude goes out to Sir Gustav, Her Excellency Almehda, Lord Janos, and all their numerous helpers in pulling off another successful event. And thanks to the many folks from Aston Tor who stuck around; the site was cleaned up and empty a FULL HOUR sooner than last year.

With two Peerages and many other pieces of business, Their Majesties knew that they would have a long court, and in an exception to Our rule, we performed a few items of Baronial business as well. In Our court:

  • His Lordship Johann Steinerson received Baronial Colors for all the times he has come to BFS events and helped out.
  • His Excellency Ulfr Thyrison received Baronial Colors and an Escallop for all the behind the scenes work he has done over the years.
  • Sir Gustav Jameson became the most recent member of Our Order of the Trident Tree for outstanding and consistent service to the Barony.

Their Majesties also recognized the worth of Their people from Forgotten Sea:

  • Caitilin Inghean Aengusa became a Lady when she was granted her Award of Arms
  • Her Ladyship Maren Torskapiter received her Leather Mallet for making "pretty metal things"
  • Sir Duncan of Skeene became Calontir's latest Earl Marshal
  • Magnus Thergrimsson received his Award of Arms to become a Lord.
  • Lord Garrioch Sotherlaend was encouraged to brew more "tasty things" and awarded a Leather Mallet.
  • Aelin Kausi was Awarded Arms for all her work with silent heraldry.
  • Lady Lee Ann Pugh was awarded a Golden Calon Swan in recognition of her skills with paint.
In a break from tradition, Her Majesty gave her QED for Chivalry early to Lord Soren atte Raven for inspiring her on the archery line.
And in a stirring and emotional presentation, 

His Excellency Avraham ben David Hakhazuri was granted an Augmentation to his arms for his "ceaseless battle against the chair called Bag".

One other activity at the event that we forgot to include in Our court was the announcement of who won Our Baronial Arts & Sciences championship. The winner was Lord Janos Katona for his wonderful rope bed. Our thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to Lord Janos. We have a wonderful new favor for him, created by our outgoing champion, Lord Niall Mac Broin.

Looking in to the future, there will be meeting and fighter practice this Wednesday, December 17th, but because of the holidays, it will be the last one for the year. They will resume on January 7th. We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season, and that We will see you at 12th Night.

Finally, We announced at Curia that at Coronation in January We will be asking Their Majesties to find Our replacements. If you are interested in taking on this very rewarding challenge, talk to your friends, talk to Us, talk to other former Baronages. Learn what they think is required to do the job well. We published an article in the July 2014 Clarion (Click here for link on the website) about this very thing. Please take a look.

Stay Warm

-- Logan & Ylva --