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Kris Kinder Call for Help

posted Oct 16, 2016, 7:23 AM by Forgotten Sea
A message from Sir Gustav Jameson, one of Kris Kinder's event stewards:

"Kris Kinder is coming up very soon. This event is huge, and only functions smoothing if everyone in the Barony pitches in. There are Five major areas I really need help with the weekend of the event. Please let me know if you can help out any of these. You don't need to volunteer for everything, if we can spread the work out it makes everything easier. Also, if you are volunteering to help, please be specific with what you are willing to help with. Believe it or not, a blanket "I'll help with anything, just let me know." is actually really frustrating. 

The Kris Kinder staff page has specific details: https://sites.google.com/site/kriskindermarket/staff-page

Friday Night Set up
Start up will start later this year. We'll start at 8:00 PM. We'll need help moving things around, hanging banners, and generally getting the site ready. 

Saturday Morning Press Gang
Site will open up at 6:30 AM for Merchant setup. We need strong hands and backs to help get the merchants into the gym and unloaded quickly. If you have a two wheeler, hand truck, dolly, wagon, etc please bring it. 

We need someone to coordinate Gate. I'm not going to automatically presume that Mistress Svana is going to do it (Unless she says so). We also need people to work at Gate to make the process smoother. We'll cut it up into shifts, so no one has to stay very long.

During Court, the merchants are breaking down and getting out. Some do ask for some help getting back to their cars. Also, we have to stack all the tables and rental chair back up in the hallway so the rental company can pick them up. Last year I failed to ask in advance for help. Please, if you are not going to Court, help us put some tables up.

After the event, the objective is to get out of site as quickly as possible. We need to clean up our mess and put everything back the way it was. So no one can tell we were ever there. We've kicked butt at this every year."

If you are willing to help, please contact the event stewards at kk_eventsteward@bfs-kc.org.