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Kingdom A&S! (5/4-5/6)

posted Jun 26, 2012, 10:49 AM by Gustav Jameson   [ updated Jun 26, 2012, 10:49 AM by Forgotten Sea ]
Kingdom A&S! (5/4-5/6): Congrats to HL Rahil in winning the Kingdom A&S Championship! Well done!  

It was a great event, although the hail made an interesting addition:) Also, several others in our Barony were there in force: Moira entered 4 items in the competition, Lorraine entered a research paper, Janos entered his hand made long bow, Aine entered her Norse dress/outfit, Celia entered embroidered pant cuffs, Dorcas was there judging like crazy and many more!  Drust (of Aston Tor) won the populous choice with his basket weaving! Congratulations on a strong showing of the Barony and making all of us proud!   

Also of note:  At Kingdom A&S Janos was made a LORD!  Vivat Lord Janos!  

Regarding Ceildhi

From HE Ylva, 

Beautiful weather for a lively event!  There were lots of archers (lots!), a good number of fighters (who seemed to be having a good time), several RUSH classes , wonderful A&S contest entries (theme - knotwork), lots of laughter from the Scottish games, excellent food, and a lovely outdoor Kingdom Court.  And......a pinata!!!

It was also a productive day for scribes, painting reprints and other scrolls, as well as holding a Scribal Tea.

The archery tournament was won by HL Daniel Martel, A&S contest by HL Cai Dubhghlas, dagger tourney by Lord Gianlupo della Bande Nere, and Scottish games by HE Logan.   Cynedd of Loch Smythe was named as Their Majesties' Archer Champion.

It was a wonderful day at a lovely site.

Baroness Ylva

p.s.  The several dogs attending seemed to have a good time too!