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Invitation from Moonstone to May demo

posted Mar 1, 2018, 6:08 AM by Forgotten Sea
Greetings from Moonstone,

We have been approached, again, about doing a demo for our local Farmer's Market. They have requested our presence at both their first and their last outdoor market of the season. This year's first outdoor market is on May 5th. I wish to extend a formal invitation to anyone from Forgotten Sea who might wish to join us in this endeavor, fighters and artisans alike.

I know that Spring War College is on the same day and many of our valiant fighters will be traveling the length of the realm to participate in that training.  However, if any marshals or fighters cannot attend the college, we would welcome them with open arms in the lands of Moonstone.

Our first demo for the Farmer's Market included a small fighter practice after the actual demo. Depending on fighter participation, we would like to do this again, but we understand that many fighters might be committed to the college.

In the event  that we are only honored with the company of artisans, we are still planning a small picnic or potluck in a local park. If I can confirm the presence of enough fighters, I shall secure a larger area to accommodate a fighter practice.

Please, let me know as soon as possible, that we might make appropriate plans to welcome you to Moonstone.

In Service,

Lady Judith Warrenne