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Help Wanted

posted Oct 2, 2012, 6:57 AM by Gustav Jameson   [ updated Oct 14, 2012, 9:37 AM by Forgotten Sea ]
...... to let the Autocrat in you burst forth! (or Event Steward, if you

By January Coronation (1/12/13), the Barony of Forgotten Sea is
responsible for presenting a Bid to Their Royal Majesties for the
Coronation to be held the following January (2014) .

Do you have a site in mind? Or a staff that you think would be
amazing? Or just always yearned to help create the most soul-stirring
Coronation ever? Here is your chance, and we would love to hear about
it. The best place to start is with the event bid form, which you can
find here:
It will give you a framework for your information in the format that we
will need to use for the submission, and can help us all figure out if a
site is really suitable.

Fill in what you know, and then start thinking about the rest. Email
what you have so far to baronage@bfs-kc.org <mailto:baronage@bfs-kc.org>
with a copy to seneschal@bfs-kc.org <mailto:seneschal@bfs-kc.org> by Oct
12 , or bring a printed copy to Curia next week. We will probably not
have time to talk about it much at this month's meeting since it will be
the week leading up to St. Agatha's revenge, but we would be happy to
talk with you about it outside of Curia, and maybe match you up with
someone who can fill in some of the blanks. Then at the November curia,
we hope be able to discuss all of the bids, and produce a decision by
the December meeting.

Have questions? Please ask.

Thanks for any suggestions you can contribute. You would not have to be
the event steward just because suggest a site (unless you WANT to be)!