A message from  Baroness Ylva...

As always, Gulf War was a great week of fighting, pageantry, horses, classes, music, food and drink.  And lots and lots of laughter.  

For several from Forgotten Sea it was their first foreign war: Aine, Ysabeau, Janos, and Niall - were there others?

Several of our citizens were honored by awards in Calontir court:
Lady Cecilia de Gatisbury - Order of the Golden Calon Swan
Master Eadweard Boisewright  - King's favor

Every day after the major battles were over, we gathered in the purple pavilion to eat, drink and talk.  Their Royal Majesties would also speak of those They found to be especially noteworthy on the field.  On various days; HL Duncan of Skeene,  HL Agemmemnon of Flatrock, HL Matsunaga Kagetora, and Sir Duncan Bruce of Logan were among those mentioned, with Logan and Matsu being honored with the King's banner to wear into battle.

Thanks to everyone who made it such a wonderful war.