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From the Kingdom Earl Marshal

posted Feb 8, 2016, 7:51 AM by Forgotten Sea   [ updated Feb 8, 2016, 7:52 AM ]
Unto the fighters, marshals, archers, and all those interested in the field of combat do come these words from Syr Duncan of Skeene, Earl Marshal of Calontir. 


I write this letter from my home and hearth as I look forward to the upcoming war season. To that end there are a few things that I must cover. It has been brought to my attention that there have been several people in the recent past neglect their personal responsibilities when it comes to authorizations. I will clarify here what is expected. When you earn a new authorization you are responsible for sending a copy of the authorization forms to Sir Gustav the card deputy, his email is DMCards@calontir.org. The forms should be sent to his email address not his Facebook page, this is imperative. If Sir Gustav has not received your forms you do not have that authorization on your card. If the authorization does not appear on your card, you must have a copy of the authorization paperwork on your person. We as a kingdom do not stress carrying authorization cards, and I loathe to implement the checking of cards as part of the inspection process. 

Go check your information on FALCON, make sure your card is correct. If I see someone fighting with a weapon that does not appear on their card I will ask for the authorization form, if it can't be produced that fighter will be removed from the field for the rest of the event. It is a safety and insurance issue. If you are attending Gulf Wars this year be sure to print your card, as Gulf Wars requires it to be carried at all times and can be randomly checked by any marshal. 

Group Marshals, please stay on top of your reports and get them in on time. I also would ask that if a fighter has moved to inactive status and they return that the fighter follow the following procedure similar to that of a transferring fighter. Watch the fighter fight one-onone with an opponent in each weapons style, or observe the fighter in question as they fight during the day. 

Note: The intent here is not to make a fighter completely reauthorize in every weapon style but merely to observe a short demonstration of their fighting to be sure they are safe and that their blow calibration meets current kingdom standards. The MIC will grant or decline these authorizations as they see fit including only granting some weapon authorizations or not granting the authorization at all. Just because someone was safe several years ago does not mean they are still safe. Please note in your report asking to grant the authorizations that these procedures were followed and a short description of the authorizations granted, or enclose new authorization forms. 

If you have questions or concerns feel free to contact me either in person or at earlmarshal@calontir.org 

YIS, Syr Duncan of Skeene