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For the C&T fighters of Forgotten Sea - Gulf Wars Preparation

posted Jan 23, 2017, 9:08 PM by Forgotten Sea
"Historically, Gulf War does not separate C&T from "Rapier" as far as Tournaments and Battles go. And unfortunately, since the hosting Kingdom is Not a Participant in the C&T Melee Experiment, all Battles and Tournaments will be fought under Heavy Rapier Rules.
That being said, there were significant numbers of C&T Authorized Participants not just from Calontir at many of the tournaments last year, which led to separate C&T trees in those tournaments including the Long Sword Tournament which HE Donald McDonald was victorious in. There are currently two specific C&T events on the schedule: 4:30 PM Tuesday, C&T Pas d'Armes, and 1:30 PM Friday MOB C&T Judged Tourney.
All Calontir Stile have an Authorization that meets the Society Standard for both Cut & Thrust and Heavy Rapier. Although C&T is the only activity we have at Our In Kingdom Events, the ability to travel to Foreign Wars and fight in Heavy Rapier activities is the reason that Heavy Rapier is included in our Authorization.
Even though we did not have a large turn out from Calontir for the HR Battles last year, our participation was recognized as significant by our Allied General. This year the Rapier Battles are reportedly scheduled to Not Conflict with the Armored Battles. We will have Instruction & Practice for HR Melee War Fighting at Winter War Maneuvers & at Chieftains, with the hope of fielding a 20-40 person contingent of Fighters & Marshals, and make a Major Impact on the battles.

With Gulf Wars approaching, there are a number of logistical problems that need to be addressed and resolved sooner rather than later.
From the Cut & Thrust Fighters in Forgotten Sea that are or may be going to Gulf Wars, I would appreciate answers to the following:
1) Do you need to complete an authorization?

2) Are you interested/planning to fight in the Heavy Rapier tournaments and/or battles at GW?

3) Will you need to borrow equipment at GW- and what equipment will you need?

4) Anyone that is not going and has equipment, are you willing to loan any of it for this cause?

Please contact Brian Robert MacDougall / Brian Deaver [briankdeaver@gmail.com]"