We will be running a drum class this next Wednesday (July 29) at fighter practice. (But keep an eye on this space. Rain may mean we need to cancel. Some the drums do not handle rain well.) 

Class Details? Learn the basics Work on some middle eastern rhythms and maybe a few African ones thrown in for flavor. Have fun 

What to bring? A drum if you have if one. But I have a 3-4 spares that I can share. A chair would be helpful, and water.  We should be in the shade, but this is still July. A sense of humor - I will make mistakes. You will make mistakes. Then we can toast the squirrel in each of us and move on. 

Difficultly level? All levels are welcome. This is geared towards beginning to intermediate, but I do have materials for all. The nice part about the middle eastern rhythms is that they can be as easy or as difficult as you want them to be. Hope to see you there. Have Fun :)