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Curia Notes - October 14, 2015

posted Oct 22, 2015, 8:56 AM by Forgotten Sea   [ updated Oct 22, 2015, 8:58 AM ]

Seneschal (Miranda)

  • Spinning Winds will put in a Coronation bid. They will probably need general help.
  • Horse and Falcon: Forgotten Sea currently has two reserved dates on the Kingdom calendar, which is not allowed. We will keep Kris Kinder as a reserved date because it is the one that makes money. The spot on the 2016 calendar is already reserved, but it will not be allowed after that. Anyone can still submit a bid for Memorial weekend, though.
  • Still looking for a storage location for the incinetron propane tanks. These need to be stored inside but not in someone's house.
  • Aston Tor will begin holding officer meetings only once per month. They will continue to hold populace meetings twice per month.

Baron / Baroness (Soren & Rowan)

  • Championship tournaments will be held at next week's fighter practice for Cut & Thrust as well as Heavy Combat. Previous champion hosts the tournament. Brian will stand in for C&T since this is the first. Rowan was moved to see so many of the barony's fighters participate in the Crown Tournament and to fight so well.

Cut & Thrust (Mathurin)

  • Average of half a dozen fighters regularly with a couple new lately that have returned. There are now four authorized C&T marshals.

Knight's Marshal (Colyne)

  • Researched the cost of mats online, Home Depot has the best price. Now need to go in person to get a not-for-profit estimate.

WebMinister (Logan)

  • Website is running well.

Chatelaine (voiceless Helena via Logan)

  • There have been several new people attend fighter practice lately, please welcome them.
  • Baroness Rowan has clothes to give for Gold Key.

Arts & Science (Katherine)

  • Drumming classes were held last month, great showing.
  • Queen's Prize Tournament was quite successful, lots of very talented people.
  • Thinking that the Barony A&S Championship would be held at Kris Kinder, but that is typically when the Kingdom A&S Championship is held. So the Barony's will be held sometime after Kris Kinder and before 12th Night.

Archery Marshal (Janos)

  • Archery practice will be held this Sunday 11am-2pm.
  • Practices will probably cease around Thanksgiving when it gets too cold outside.

Herald (Brian)

  • Continuing to have a counsel table at fighter practice on Wednesdays.
  • A registration letter came out today, it will be published soon.
  • There are dozens of submissions in progress.
  • The Roll of Arms project is still going, usually at Wednesday's fighter practice.

Quartermaster (Svana)

  • Will there be a tub for the Roll of Arms and will it be put into the storage unit. Yes to both.
  • If you have any items that belong to the Barony, please contact Svana to get them put into the storage unit.

Exchequor (given by Miranda in Lisette's absence)

  • Fighter practice location has been paid.

RUSH Coordinator (Aidan)

  • Royal University of Scir Havoc is for learning anything, not just arts and sciences. Anything to do
  • with the history of our time period.
  • Any time people get together for learning, RUSH would like to track the classes and the attendees.
  • If anyone has information on past classes they have attended and want it tracked by RUSH, please
  • send the information to Aidan.
  • There is an online class submission form. You will be contacted by a RUSH coordinator to have the class approved and tracked. The class does not have to be held at an official event.
  • The RUSH handbook is online at rush.calontir.org
  • RUSH has some seed money for help a host hold a RUSH centered event. The gate money can be split between RUSH and the host.

Royal Scribe for upcoming Crown (Aidan)

  • There will be a deputy scribe in Barony of Three Rivers and Barony of Forgotten Sea. If anyone wants to help with pre-prints for the upcoming Crown, please contact Aidan.

Horse & Falcon bid (Gwen)

  • Gwen is assembling a bid for Horse & Falcon to be held Memorial weekend at the Hollis Center site that she has used in the past for Pink Ribbon tournaments.
  • Can break even with 150 attendees.
  • Wants to do a charitable donation for breast cancer with the profits.
  • The site is available for Memorial weekend and horses are welcome.
  • Planning to do a site walk through with anyone interested after Kris Kinder.
  • There were questions on parking, space and water for horses, site fee. All were answered satisfactorily.
  • Branwen suggested not doing a family cap. Do ages 0-12 free, discount for 13-17, and full price ($15) for 18+. This method is easier for the Exchequor.
  • Seneschal asked for show of hands for all in favor of the bid. All presented voted Yes.

Kris Kinder

  • Two thirds of the tables have been booked.
  • Janos is the meeting/space coordinator, but he needs a list of the available rooms from the site liaison.
  • There will be two vigils, will see if there is space to do RUSH classes.
  • There will be a committee meeting on the first Wednesday of November (at FP site).
  • Everything is running smooth so far, all staff positions have been filled.

Keeping people interested (Lorraine)

  • Question for people to think about and discuss at the next Curia meeting.
  • What can we do to get new people interested?
  • What can we do to keep current people interested and participating?
  • One suggestions is to have once per month name tag event.


  • Unofficial Kingdom calendar in pin-up style. Contact Gwen for pre-orders to be delivered at Kris Kinder. 95% of profits will go to Calontir, 4% to photographer, 1% for incidentals.
  • Svana has three horses available to ride if anyone is interested.