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Curia notes for Nov 11, 2015

posted Nov 12, 2015, 10:37 AM by Forgotten Sea   [ updated Nov 12, 2015, 10:38 AM ]

Seneschal (Miranda)

  • Question to attendees about buying fighter mats now or later. To get the ones we want at the price we want, have to order them online. Since we are going to be looking for a less expensive indoor fighter practice location for next year, is it worth getting them now and then having to possibly store them over the outdoor season at someone's house. HE Logan volunteered to house the mats if needed, so we will go ahead and get the new ones now since the old ones are in really bad shape.
  • Still looking for a storage location for the incinetron propane tanks. Katheryn volunteered since they have an outdoor shed. Miranda will solicit for anyone who has them to bring to a future fighter practice so Katheryn and Nakos can take them.
  • Spinning Winds is working on their Coronation bid. It should be ready by next Curia to discuss and see what help they need.
  • Aston Tor business meeting is tomorrow (now tonight) at 6pm and there will be food if anyone would like to go.

Baron / Baroness (Soren & Rowan)

Officer Reports

Exchequor (Lisette)

  • Indoor fighter practice site has been paid through April.

Herald (Brian)

  • There are multiple submissions in progress.
  • There is a consultation table at fighter practice on most Wednesdays.
  • Recommendations are needed for Baronial awards (see links above).
  • The next Baronial court will probably not be until Horse & Falcon on Memorial weekend. There are generally two held per year.
  • Lorraine mentioned that we could hold a Baronial court in May when fighter practice moves outside. We did that two years ago and had a potluck dinner that everyone enjoyed (including the policeman who stopped by).

Chatelaine (Helena)

  • Wants to bring the dancing instructor to fighter practice next Wednesday and use the stage. No objections.

WebMinister (Logan)

  • The website is running well.
  • The Kris Kinder website has been updated with all of the merchants.

Knight's Marshal (Colyne)

  • Still fighting inside.

Arts & Science (Katheryn)

  • There will be dancing instruction next week on the stage (per Helena's request just moments ago).

Kris Kinder

  • All of the merchant tables have been booked and paid for.
  • Katheryn has yellow/gold glass beads (dragon tears) that she can use for site tokens. No objections.
  • There will be two vigils and three or four meetings have been scheduled.
  • So far there are no order meetings scheduled, but she will check with Royalty.
  • There are still some rooms open that can be scheduled.
  • There will be a need for people to help setup Friday evening.
  • Niall volunteered to coordinate the Saturday morning merchant setup as he has done in the past.


  • Mathurin is wanting to hold an outdoor cooking event, similar to Siege of Seville, in Fall 2017. He has talked with the Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness and they are okay with researching it further, so he will start looking for a site. HE Logan mentioned a site that HE Ylva has thought would be perfect for such an event. If anyone is interested in helping, please contact Mathurin.
  • Brian asked if the Barony should volunteer as a backup host for Masters of the Duel. Miranda prefers to let others host it since it is a traveling event. We can put something together quickly if absolutely needed.