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Curia notes 9/10/2014

posted Sep 11, 2014, 7:19 PM by Gustav Jameson   [ updated Sep 11, 2014, 7:34 PM by Forgotten Sea ]

BFS Arms
Baronial Moot: 

September 20th – there will be fighting, cut & thrust, archery; including Baronial Championships. Site Open: 12 noon to 8 PM
5 PM Baronial Court
6-ish potluck feast (meat provided by the Barony).
Location is the site for past Pink Ribbon tourneys. Hollis Renewal Center, 11414Kansas Ave., Kansas City, KS 66111

Arts & Science:

Next week (9/17), HL Giraud will be teaching a netting class during fighter practice. There is a class size limit, so get there on time! 10/1 will be a class by Lady Cordelia on Medieval Cooking (beyond the hand-held pie ). No actual cooking will take place, but we are looking into using the kitchen in the future. 10/15 will be a shoemaking class. If you want to teach, or there is something that you want to learn, let our Baronial A&S Minister, Lady Cecilia know. artsandsciences@bfs-kc.org At Kris Kinder there will be an Allegorical Costume….Thing. ( Fashion show? Competition?). No documentation required. BFS Baronial A&S Championship is also scheduled for Kris Kinder. There is no theme or restriction, minimal documentation required.


Finan is usually at fighter practice with a first aid kit. Event stewards should contact him if you want a chirurgeon to be in attendance at an event.


HL Emera is the new deputy and is working on a Kingdom Newcomer’s web page. Not final yet….more later.

Web Minister/Social Media Liaison:

Planning to step down in April. If you are interested in either or both positions, please contact him through the Baronial website.


Submissions have slowed, but he is working on things with Dorcas. New Deputy is Lord Brian MacDugal. Looking into getting rid of the requirement for submissions to go through the Barony and pay an extra $2 which causes more paperwork than it is worth.


Deputy is HL Lorraine, who will be training on gate procedures at the upcoming Baronial moot.

Knight’s Marshal:

Fighter practice has moved inside. 15-20 fighters is typical. Looking for a deputy (but not planning to step down yet).

Loch Bheathrach:

The annual demo in Lathrop, MO at the Horse & Falcon site is October 10-12. This is the weekend of Crown Tournament, BUT the really big day for the demo is Friday October 10. If you have the flexibility to come and help that day, please contact Baroness Ylva. baroness@bfs-kc.org

Additional note from the Seneschal:

The plans for B3R’s Memorial day event have been postponed at least a year, so we have looked into possibly going ahead with Horse & Falcon. We are penciled in with the site, BUT the site will cost about 3 times as much if we don’t do the demo.

Archery Marshal:

Sunday afternoon practices will continue until it gets too cold. They are in Bates City at Ronan & Banba’s, where they have made many improvements to provide an excellent range. There are yardage marks, stands to set the net up quickly and easily, cover to shoot from under…AND a building for indoor practice is in the works! 10-15 archers are there every week, and there is loaner equipment available. There are also thrown weapons targets. A deputy is needed as Lord Soren will be stepping down pretty soon. If Baronial practice remains combined with Tor practice (not a requirement), there is little for a new deputy/marshal to do except file reports, and the occasional request to help provide archery at an event.

Aston Tor:

There will be a change of Seneschals at the Baronial Moot in October (See below). About 45 people are attending meetings. Tor now has a Minister of Children, and a Chronicler is in the works.

Kris Kinder:

Web site is done and is now live. Flyer for Mews happening soon. Letters to past merchant will go out this weekend. The site is the same as last year. We will use a different table rental as they are close to the same price but promise better quality. We will need people for Gate (formerly known as Troll), set up, tear-down, and the popular “bell hop” service provided last year to help ferry the merchants’ wares into the market. Please let the event steward know which of these you would like to do. webminister@bfs-kc.org This is our major source of funds for fighter practice site for the year, so we really need for EVERYONE to participate.