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Curia Notes 7/9/2014

posted Jul 9, 2014, 9:33 PM by Gustav Jameson   [ updated Jul 9, 2014, 10:06 PM by Forgotten Sea ]
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Aston Tor- no meetings since May (typical for June). Making a box for their new pavilion.  A couple of changes in officers: Archery Marshal - Ronan Meade, Herald - Mongke Gal

Archery Marshal - Looking for a deputy. 10-15 people coming practice on Sunday afternoons.

Seneschal -  Emma's warrant finally came!  Quarterly reports from all officers are due soon.  Please copy the BFS Seneschal on your reports to your Kingdom superior.  Looking forward to CalonCon.

Exchequer - (by proxy) The Barony has about $15,800.  Upcoming expenses are fall and winter fighter practice site and Kris Kinder site.  Horse & falcon lost a little under $700 - which is what we were trying to do by not charging a site fee!

Web Minster - BFS web site is doing fine.  Look for a few changes coming up.

Knight's Marshal - No practice cancellations due to rain since we have been outside.  Bring water!  Quartermaster to bring one of the 6 Baronial coolers to be used at practices.  Need to think about when to move indoors.

Social Media officer - current officer would like to step down. Look for information in the near future about what this position requires.  If interested, contact the BFS Web Minister Forgottensea-web@BFS-KC.org.

Herald - has submissions to go in.

Chatelaine - this officer's first demo came off beautifully! The demo at The Castle was a lot of fun, and may provide us with an event location in the future.  And there is now a "portable" list fence.  Should have information soon about possibly doing KC Ren Fest this fall.

Quartermaster - back to thinking about getting a storage unit. Looking for one in a fairly central location, climate control not needed, outdoor access required and 24/7 access preferred (weekend access a must).  Facility at about 76th and Lenexa Drive (Frontage road for I-35) suggested.