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Curia notes 11/12/14

posted Nov 13, 2014, 12:07 PM by Gustav Jameson   [ updated Nov 13, 2014, 12:08 PM by Forgotten Sea ]
BFS arms
Quartermaster11:45 on Saturday Svana will be at the new Baronial storage unit to put some stuff in.  If you have Baronial property to give back, get in touch with her at svanaannie@gmail.com

Chirurgeon - only minor boo boos

Chatelaine - present, but nothing to report

Herald - present, but nothing to report

Exchequer - the Barony has a new bank, Capitol Federal.  More branches & better hours.  We will complete moving our funds over after Kris Kinder when we get the security deposit check back. 

Aston Tor - lots of officer turn over right now, but plenty of people willing to take the jobs.  Tor will be leading the charge for clean up after Kris Kinder  (and we thank them very much!!).  Unslung Heroes archery event will be held May 30.   That is between Horse & Falcon and Lilies.

Archery - practice is done for the season, with the possible exception of a session or 2 at the Bass Pro indoor range (there is still practice in Loch Smythe on Monday evenings).  Construction of the indoor site continues.  Reports from the populace are that there is an indoor range opening by Tandy leather in Independence, and one also open in Olathe.

Knight's Marshal - 20 fighters on an average practice night.  Last week there were a lot more than that for the Baron's Birthday "Bash".  Many new people making use of the loaner armor.

A&S - Baronial A&S championship to be held at Kris Kinder, as well as the Allegories, Myths and Saints A&S competition.

Web Minister - present, but nothing to report

Kris Kinder - only 6 tables left, and the deadline is 11/30.   Meeting and other scheduling to be finalized soon.   Gate will be set up in the room to the right as people enter, instead of to the left as it was last year.  A&S display will also be in that room.  We can get in for set up at 6 PM on Friday night. (There will not be a Baronial court that night).   There will be breakfast and lunch available to buy from the school's booster club on Saturday.  

Baroness Ylva asked if anyone thought that it would be easier to remember Curia if it were held the first Wednesday of the month instead of the second.  No one seemed to think that would be of any advantage, so it will remain the SECOND WEDNESDAY of every month.

There will not be practice on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve.   Thanksgiving Eve seems to be a "go", but will be double checked and announced.

Matt  Of general interest, Germanicus is now an Eagle Scout and his birthday is Thursday!  Happy Birthday!