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Curia Notes 01/14/15

posted Jan 19, 2015, 6:42 AM by Forgotten Sea   [ updated Jan 19, 2015, 6:44 AM ]
- not present (sick).  Everyone please get your reports in! (due Jan 15)

Archery - Not much happening right now, but will be checking out a new indoor range soon.  Janos will be the new Baronial Archery Marshal.

Tor - not back in session yet.  Bobbin & Weavin' ( a non-official annual fiber arts retreat) will be held at Aine's home, Feb 13-15.

Chirurgeon - no injuries to report.  Please avoid sneezing on each other.

Knight's Marshal -  have been having lighter numbers but expected to pick up (there was a pretty full house by the end of the evening)

Web Minister - planning to step down in April.  If interested, contact Gustav at webminister@BFS-KC.org .  Looking into a "What have you done?" form for people to submit info on their A&S projects.  Loch Bheathrach website in in need of a LOT of updating.

A&S Minister - new deputy is Lady Kathryn. Kingdom A&S is coming up soon, and there may be Baronial classes on what to expect.  You do not have to have any particular rank or awards to judge.  Next week (1/21) will be sewing night at the fighter practice site. Bring your hand sewing, your machine (and extension cord), or decorative stitching to share and/or ask for help.

Exchequer - we cleared nearly $5000 on Kris Kinder, so we are solvent for the next year.  Small snafu with closing the old bank account - they credited us with interest ($.95!) after the account was supposed to be closed.

Quartermaster - nothing new.  Will anything be needed from storage for Crown Tourney ( BFS is helping Carlsby)?  DunArd's possessions unclaimed by it's former members is still in a trailer at Kathryn & Nakos'.  The Barony can choose anything left that the Barony might want before the rest is auctioned off as a fund raiser for Calontir youth activities at Lilies. 

Chatelaine - (deputy reporting) Planning to sponsor a newcomer night for Gulf War prep.  Had a run on loaner garb at Kris Kinder - 5 people clothed for that event.

Herald - (written report.  not present due to illness)  Have been having some consultations with folks about heraldry, but no submissions lately.  Dorcas has been getting quite a few in. 

Dorcas has also proposed a project, A roll of arms which is a tangible display of the registered arms of some group of people.  In period, rolls of arms were often used as a list and a record of the entrants in a tourney.  They might have been compiled to keep track of the various arms of a given family.  In the SCA, rolls of arms might be kept for any group, like a guild or barony, and displayed at events to improve the ambiance. Dorcas has offered to acquire 'derby banners' to draw the BFS populace arms on.  Participation is optional.  However, if you would like to make sure we make one for you, please just drop me a line at Herald@bfs-kc.org to get you on our BFS populace list.  This project will take a long while, and we will likely start with the sitting baronage, and progress to the past baronages first. (the 2/3 of the BFS financial committee present at Curia approved a "Not to Exceed" cost reimbursement of $75 for the project.)

Ceilidh - to be held April 18, and mostly put on by the group formerly known as Dun Ard.  There has been a complication with using the Hunt Lodge at Ft. Leavenworth as they have stepped up security to the point that non-military visitors would have to have an on-the-spot security check run, in addition to the car search that has been the norm for the past several years.  Most of those at Curia felt that this extra wrinkle would cause them to not attend the event.  Other sites were proposed including Davis Hall at Wyandotte County Park Lake, Hollis Renewal Center, Lewis and Clark State Park, and Lathrop Antique showgrounds. (as of this writing, it has been determined that Davis is only available on 4/19 and Hollis is not available that weekend at all)  The search for a replacement site continues. If you have other ideas for a suitable site for fighting, archery, highland games & feast, please contact The Baronage : baronage@bfs-kc.org

Horse & Falcon event steward will be chosen before the end of January.  If you are interested in being that steward, a co-steward, or in charge of some aspect of the event, please contact the Baronage at baronage@bfs-kc.org for more information.