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Curia Notes - September 9, 2015

posted Sep 10, 2015, 2:26 PM by Forgotten Sea   [ updated Sep 10, 2015, 2:27 PM ]

Seneschal office

Emma handed over the Seneschal office to Miranda as of today.

Quartermaster Inventory

  • A full inventory must be taken annually. 
  • A monthly update should also be conducted. 
  • Rowan has the inventory spreadsheet but will need help matching the items on the list to the actual items in storage. 
  • Gas tanks for the incinetrons are currently stored outside at Logan and Ylva's house because they are not allowed in the storage unit. If anyone has a shed where they can be stored, please volunteer. 

Winter Coronation 2017

  • It is Forgotten Sea's turn to host Coronation. 
  • The bid is due by Jan 1, 2016 and an autocrat is needed. 
  • Miranda will contact all the small groups within the Barony to inquire about co-hosting. 
  • Aston Tor has already been asked and is not available. 

Horse & Falcon

  • There were site issues with the most recent event and the people who normally run it are no longer interested. 
  • If anyone is interested in continuing with this event, they need to find a new location and an autocrat to put in a bid, which is due in Dec 2015. 

Kris Kinder

  • This event will now be run by a committee, same as Lillies. 
  • The previous autocrats and volunteers will be on the initial committee, along with the baronage and the seneschal. 

Fighting Mats

  • Old ones will be sold for $.50 each 

Inside Fighter Practice

  • Rent for the Roanoke Community Center has increased from $35/hour to $50/hour. At three hours per week, that will equate to $1800 per year. 
  • Emma has begun negotiations with Alan, who will inquire with the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Board about lowering the price. 
  • Miranda will take over working with Alan and Jessica on the contract. 
  • Per the Financial Committee, two weeks will be paid (Sep 16 and 23) so that fighter practice can be moved inside next week. 
  • If the cost of the Roanoke Community Center cannot be lowered, we will begin looking for a new location. 
  • We can make just about anything work for inside fighter practice. A restroom is required. Heating is preferred. If mats are needed then onsite storage is also preferred. 

Baronial Moot

  • Possible dates are last week of September or first week of October. 
  • A sword will be purchased for the Cut & Thrust Champion. NOTE - Donations are still being accepted! Please bring donations to Fighter Practice

King's Company of Archers

  • Aston Tor will sponsor a potluck on Saturday evening. They will provide hotdogs and brats, please bring items to share. 
  • The Barony's incinetrons can be used. They have propane but will need to be picked up from Logan and Ylva's house. 
  • A volunteer is still needed to work the gate Friday evening from 5-7 PM. 

Their Excellencies (Soren and Rowen)

  • Thank you Emma for your service as Seneschal and helping us get started on the right foot! 

Officer Reports

Archery Marshal and Tor Fighter Marshal (Janos)
  • Archery practice is temporarily on hold between the Valor and King's Company of Archers events. 
  • Fighter practice continues to be held, but attendance is sparse. 
WebMinister (Logan)
  • The Barony website is up and running. 
  • The Kris Kinder website is up and running. 
  • If any notices are needed to be sent out, please notify Dean. 
  • Question was asked if the Curia notes would be shared. Caitilin will share notes with Miranda who will add to/correct then send on to Dean for publication. 
Chatelaine (Helena)
  • There will be dancing at next week's fighter practice and populace meeting. An announcement will be sent by the WebMinister. 
  • There are new people in attendance tonight, please welcome them. 
  • She has a lead on a demo and will share more as more information is obtained. 
Exchequor (Lisette)
  • Checks will be written tonight for the storage unit, the community center, and the C&T Champion sword. 
  • The Horse & Falcon event insurance check has been received by recipient and cleared by the bank. 
Fighter Marshal (Colyne)
  • Possibility of a new inside fighter practice site was previously covered. 
All populace are welcome at Curia meetings!