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Curia Notes - 8/13

posted Aug 15, 2014, 2:56 PM by Gustav Jameson   [ updated Aug 15, 2014, 3:03 PM by Forgotten Sea ]

Officer Updates

We have been contacted by the Calontir Cooks' Guild to see if we would like to sponsor the April 25, 2015 Cooking Symposium. We have asked for more information about the requirements, and are keeping in mind that we will be helping Carlsby with Crown Tournament the month before, but we will not be holding Horse & Falcon this year (B3R asked to use that weekend for this year only).

Baronial Moot
Scheduled for 9/20 at the Hollis Retreat Center, site of the Pink Ribbon Tourneys. Hopefully we will have Baronial Championships for both armored fighting and archery, as well as general fun with fighting, archer,y and Cut & Thrust. Maybe some A&S activities will spring up by then too! A pot luck (or some sort) of feast seems likely.

We have about $17,000. Upcoming expenses include fighter practice site for winter ($105 per week), and the payment for Kris Kinder site.

KC Ren Fest could only offer us the same day as Queen's Prize tourney, so we have turned it down. Maybe next year. Looking into a demo at a First Friday (Crossroads district).

Submissions have slowed, and the Baronial Herald advises to not get discouraged if your submission has not passed. The process takes a minimum of 3 months!

Web Minister
no news.

Canton of Aston Tor
Having meetings, fighter practices and archery practice (combined with Baronial archery practice). Tor will not be having a fall event this year.

Averaging 10-15 people at practice when the weather doesn't cause cancellation.

Arts and Sciences
September 1 is the deadline to enter Queen's Prize Tourney. Try it, you'll like it! It is a fabulous event, even if you do not enter.
Classes at fighter practice continue. Looking for a leatherwork teacher.
The Barony is taking on a group project of replacing Their Royal Majesties' throne bags. Lady Cecilia made some life-saving repairs on them just before Pennsic, but they are worn out!
There will be an allegorical fashion show at Kris Kinder,

Knight's Marshal
The sun is setting pretty early these days, and we don't move practice indoors until September 10. Get there early to get all of your fighting in before dark. We officially start at 6 PM.

Cut & Thrust
 4-5 people are pretty consistent in attendance.


Kris Kinder - We will need to pay for the site in October.
We will need to review our pricing soon in order to get flyers and other info ready. We are looking for a new supplier of tables ( the ones last year were icky), and that could affect our prices. Sir Gustav will be checking on the spaces that will be available to us so that we know what we can offer for meetings, privy chambers, etc. There is at least one probable vigil and elevation.
He will also check to see if the school wants to run an inn for lunch again.