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Curia Notes 2/11/2015

posted Feb 14, 2015, 1:13 PM by Forgotten Sea   [ updated Feb 14, 2015, 1:17 PM ]
BFS Arms

Officer Round-table:

Seneschal - Thank you for getting your reports in on time last month!

Archery - Janos has officially stepped up as the new Archery Marshal and is eagerly awaiting better weather. He is helping with the Loch Bheathrach with their practice as it continues through the winter at their indoor site.

Aston Tor - Not back in session yet. Bobbin & Weavin' ( a non-official annual fiber arts retreat) will be held at Aine's home, Feb 13-15.

Chirurgeon - No injuries to report.

Knight's Marshal - We have been having lighter numbers due to weather but some weeks are pretty full.

Web Minister - Planning to step down in April. If interested, contact Gustav at webminister@BFS-KC.org

A&S Minister - Kingdom A&S is coming up soon, and there may be Baronial classes on what to expect. The deadline for entry is in March. Gulf Wars Prep discussions at fighter practice. Special emphasis on period encampments - show us what you've been working on!!

Exchequer - Not present due to family emergency. We are fine on money.

Quartermaster - Nothing new. Will anything be needed from storage for Crown Tourney ( BFS is helping Carlsby)? If so, contact Svana at least a week before the event to get the items you need to borrow.

Chatelaine - We had some new people show up to Clothiers. Demo being held for the Boy Scouts on February 21st around 3:00 pm. We will hold a mock tourney. Helena may provide more details as we get a little closer to that date.

Herald - The Barony of Forgotten Sea's "Roll of Arms" if off and running (they are making canvas pennants of each registered device of the participating populace). Get your device registered so that you can get it on a pennant!!

Aston Tor and Loch Bheathrach have active members of the populace. "Things are happening!!" Both groups are working with the Web Minister to help update their online presence.


Horse and Falcon: Janos will be the autocrat for this event. If you are interested in helping, please contact him.

Crown Tournament: Carlby needs help with this event. Svana has agreed to help with gate. They need volunteers from the Barony to help with feast, list field mats, list barriers, set up and breakdown. Please contact Sir Cai Dubhghlas if you are able to help.

Ceiledh: The event site is officially back to The Hunt Lodge. Background checks will be combined with gate. They are in desperate need of someone to help cook. Please notify Their Excellencies or Emma if you are interested in helping.

Regional Cut and Thrust Fighter Practice: This event was proposed at Curia for the first time. Overwhelming approval means that this will happen. The weekend of July 4th was chosen as a probable date. If we cannot find a suitable site indoors due to the holiday November 14th and 15th will be used as a back up dates Loaner gear will be available. There will be classes that focus on beginning to advanced.