Unto all Citizens, Soldiers, and Freedmen of Calontir do these words come
to you from His Royal Majesty Marius Lucian Fidelis Caesar

First let me thank you all for making Our time as King and Queen so special
for Her Majesty and I. However, eventually, all things must end.

To prepare ourselves for the future and the future of this Kingdom our
Heirs must be found. Allow me to remind you that Crown Tournament is to be
held the weekend of May 12 in the College of No Mountain.

All those wishing to compete in this tournament please submit your letters
of intent to Her Majesty and I, as well as Master Alan of Darkdale as
Kingdom Seneschal.
The letters should contain not only those things required by law but also a
list of events attended in the last 6 months for both the Combatant and the

These letters are due to us no later than Saturday April 28th.