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BFS News for May 29, 2017

posted May 29, 2017, 1:57 PM by Forgotten Sea   [ updated May 29, 2017, 1:59 PM ]


  • Horse & Falcons:
    Many thanks to those who helped the event run smoothly! Kate as primary event steward, Hugo as co-event steward and instigator of pageantry, Ailith for organizing gate, all those who took a gate shift, Aelin for running waterbearing, Brian, Gawain, Janos, and Eowyth as MICs, Dorcas for hauling out the Bardic Tent for our use and the Bards for letting us use it, Konstantia for organizing the A&S competitions, everyone who helped haul stuff out there, set it up, and tear it down, all the other marshals, listmistresses, and waterbearers, and all the other people too numerous to mention who helped out in some other way.

    Court Summaries:
    Saturday on the field:
    Charles Vaux – Iren Fyrd

    Saturday evening court:
    Silk banners were presented to the other Baronages or their representatives.
    Gyða glóra – Laurel
    Uaithne inghean uí Ruairc – AoA
    Emeline de Moulineaux – Leather Mallet
    Magdalena vander Meere – Pelican
    A boon was begged for Maren Þorskapitr to join the Order of Chivalry.

    Sunday on the field:
    Richard de Bleys – Eo Fyrd
    Elizabet Walker of Paisley – Eo Fyrd

    Sunday evening court:
    Gawain ap Tristam - Order of the Silver Griffin (for arts)
    Ayisha bint Asad - Order of the Silver Griffin (for arts)
    Holta-Fjorleif – AoA
    Pádraigín an Einigh – Leather Mallet
    Lucia of Vatavia – Calon Lily
    Eowyth þa Siðend – Pelican
    Congratulations to everyone recognized!
  • Tor Tuesday Donations: Aston Tor is seeking donations for the Tor Tuesday party at Lilies. Donations of alcohol or of money are both welcomed. Partial bottles are fine. If you would like to donate, anyone from Tor can take your donations or point you towards someone who can. Or, please see either of Their Excellencies Søren and Rowan at practice to make arrangements.
  • Lilies Youth Classes: Lady Adelaide Sarsfield is organizing BFS' day of youth activities at Lilies. It will be Sunday, and the theme will be Youth Combat. She is looking for fighters to help out, or with gear the classes could borrow. Activities will include making youth combat weapons, a show & tell of some fighters' kits (a spectrum from cheap, bare-minimum armor to fancy, nice armor is desired), practice fixing/maintaining armor, and a chance to try some armor on. If you are interested in helping out, or have an idea for some other class you'd like to teach, even if it doesn't fit that day's theme, please contact her.
  • Lilies Gate Shifts: The Barony of Forgotten Sea is covering gate on the first Saturday of Lilies War, 6/10/17. The remaining shifts are 4 PM - 6 PM, and 6 PM - 8 PM (which is during court). To sign up, just email Ylva@lewis-neff.net or contact Deanna Lewis (Ylva Jonsdottir) on Facebook. Include your SCA name and which shift(s) you want.
  • No Roll of Arms: There will be no Roll of Arms worknight in June due to Lilies. It will resume in July.

Upcoming activities:

  • Mon May 29, 6:30pm - 8:30pm Loch Bheathrach/BFS Archery Practice at the Kearney site
  • Wed May 31, 6pm - 9pm BFS Fighter Practice at the Irene B. French Community Center, 5701 Merriam Dr, Merriam, KS 66203.
  • Thu June 1, 2016 6pm - 9pm Aston Tor Fighter Practice at Waterfall Park, Independence, MO.

Upcoming events:

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