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BFS News for May 7, 2018

posted May 7, 2018, 4:52 AM by Forgotten Sea


  • Curia: Curia is this week. June's Curia will be a week later than normal, on the 20th, due to the second Wednesday falling during Lilies.
  • Cookout: The cookout scheduled for last week was postponed due to expected severe weather. It will occur after Curia this week. Burgers, hot dogs, and veggie-burgers will be provided. Sides, condiments, desserts, etc, will be welcomed. There is a sign-up sheet at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rsbDAuErK4OPNQ9QqWXFvtFbFF8XWXl1vSk2fUnh6DQ/edit?usp=sharing, if you wish to coordinate what you are bringing. (You do not have to sign up in order to bring something, the sheet is just meant to aid communication.) Please wear garb.
  • Looking for Future Officers: We are currently looking for deputies for the following offices: Archer Marshal, Chatelaine, Chronicler, Exchequer, Webminister. For any questions about the office and its duties, please contact the current office-holder (names and emails are listed at http://www.bfs-kc.org/about/officers), or come ask questions at/after Curia. To apply, please email a letter of intent to the relevant office, copying baronage@bfs-kc.org and seneschal@bfs-kc.org.
  • Tor Tuesday: Aston Tor is taking donations of alcohol or money for the party they host at Lilies. Monetary donations can be given to Their Excellencies Forgotten Sea. Beverage donations can be given to any member of Aston Tor.
  • Award Recommendations: As it has been postponed to May 19 due to weather, Unslung Heroes is *still* coming up soon. If you had been meaning to put in an award recommendation for someone, there's still a chance! Submit Kingdom-level award recommendations at http://awardrec.calontir.org/.  Submit Baronial award recommendations at http://www.bfs-kc.org/about/award-recommendation.
  • Baronial Preprints: Unslung Heroes is coming up soon. Their Excellencies will need scrolls to give out for the awards you recommend! If you are interested in helping paint preprints, Ayisha will have some with her at fighter practice.
  • Baronial A&S Championship: Unslung Heroes is coming up soon. The Baronial A&S Championship will be held there. Entries must be complete, should not have been entered in any prior competition, and should be in something outside your normal field. TH,L Konstantia and TE BFS will be judging.

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