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BFS News for May 21, 2018

posted May 21, 2018, 6:39 AM by Forgotten Sea


  • Baronial Armored Championship: Will be held at practice on May 30th, the week after next.
  • Unslung Heroes: Their Excellencies Forgotten Sea would like to give our thanks to our Autocrats His Lordship Edward Logan de Monroe & Lord Geraint ap Hywel Glyndyfrdwy for running a spectacular event.  We also thank all of the people from Aston Tor and Forgotten Sea for all their hard work, coming together to make this a fun and successful event in spite of the early morning weather. Congratulations to our own Mistress Johanne of Fishergate for her well deserved elevation to Laurel. Our populace continues to make us proud!
  • From Unslung Heroes Baronial Court:
    • Winners:
      • Armored Combat Tourney Winner - Count Agamemnon Platylithodae
      • C&T Gentleman's Tourney winner - TH,L Saito Takauji
      • Archery/thrown weapons Winner - TH,L Kitsu no Taro
      • Baronial A&S Championship Winner: Lord Finán mac Crimthainn
    • Baronial Thank You:
      • Mistress Mirabel Wynne
    • Baronial Colors & Mark of Merit:
      • Sir Reimond of Ipstones
      • Lady Twilleliah nic Tallier
    • Order of the Silver Griffin:
      • TH,L Lasair Táilliúir
      • Lord Finán mac Crimthainn
      • Lord Emerick Jones 
  • Looking for Future Officers: We are currently looking for deputies for the following offices: Archer Marshal, Chronicler, Exchequer. For any questions about the office and its duties, please contact the current office-holder (names and emails are listed at http://www.bfs-kc.org/about/officers). To apply, please email a letter of intent to the relevant office, copying baronage@bfs-kc.org and seneschal@bfs-kc.org.
  • Tor Tuesday: Aston Tor is taking donations of alcohol or money for the party they host at Lilies. Monetary donations can be given to Their Excellencies Forgotten Sea. Beverage donations can be given to any member of Aston Tor.

Upcoming activities:

Upcoming events:

  • May 26-27 - Valor, Vatavia (Wichita, KS)
  • June 8-17 - Lilies War, Calontir (Smithville Lake, MO) 
  • June 9-10 - Known World Heralds and Scribes Symposium, Aethelmarc (Cranberry Township, PA)
  • June 23-24 - Swords for St. Jude, Theobald College (Arkansas City, KS)