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BFS News for April 24, 2017

posted Apr 24, 2017, 5:57 AM by Forgotten Sea   [ updated Apr 24, 2017, 11:47 AM ]


  • Unslung Heroes Court Summary:
    On the Field:
    Lady Allison of Forgotten Sea - Iren Fyrd
    Honorable Lord Viktor von Wedel - Iren Hirth
    From Baronial court:
    Lord John Bowyer - Baronial Colors
    Honorable Lady Lillian Bowyer - Baronial Colors
    Honorable Lord Viktor von Wedel - Baronial Colors
    Lady Appolonia von Bremen - Baronial Colors
    Lady Allison of Forgotten Sea - Mark of Merit
    Honorable Lord Jurgen Weiter von Landstuhl - Mark of Merit
    Honorable Lady Helena of Tor - Order of the Escallop
    Honorable Lord Edward Logan de Munro - Order of the Escallop
    Lady Kitsu Katome - Order of the Forester
    Honorable Lord Gerald Kendall - Order of the Forester
    HL Konstantia Kaloethina is the new Baronial A&S Champion.
    From Kingdom court:
    Lord Jakob Bierayge - AOA
    Lady Caitilin ingen Aengusa - Swan
    Lady Losair Ellen nic Taillear - Swan
    Lady Lavinia Swan - AOA
    Lord Andromir Vukivic - Swan
    Lord Brynjolf Brandrsmydr - AOA
    Lady Aelin Kausi - Swan
    HL Jurgen Weiter von Landstuhl - Boon begged for the Order of the Laurel
    Mistress Miranda Logansdottir - Elevated into the Order of the Pelican
    Congratulations to everyone who was recognized!
    And many thanks to everyone who helped out with the event!
  • Tor Tuesday Donations: Aston Tor is seeking donations for the Tor Tuesday party at Lilies. Donations of alcohol or of money are both welcomed. Partial bottles are fine. If you would like to donate, anyone from Tor can take your donations or point you towards someone who can. Or, please see either of Their Excellencies Søren and Rowan at practice to make arrangements.
  • Award Recommendations: The Tournament of Horse and Falcons is approaching rapidly. Be thinking about award recommendations, both at the Baronial and the Kingdom level!
    Kingdom OP: http://op.calontir.org/
    Kingdom Award Recommendations: http://awardrec.calontir.org/
    BFS OP: http://www.bfs-kc.org/about/op
    BFS Award Recommendations: http://www.bfs-kc.org/about/award-recommendation
    Please check the BFS OP is accurate in regards to any awards you have received!
  • Lilies Youth Classes: As discussed at a prior Curia, Lady Adelaide Sarsfield is organizing BFS' day of youth activities at Lilies. It will be Sunday, and the theme will be Youth Combat. She is looking for fighters to help out, or with gear the classes could borrow. Activities will include making youth combat weapons, a show & tell of some fighters' kits (a spectrum from cheap, bare-minimum armor to fancy, nice armor is desired), practice fixing/maintaining armor, and a chance to try some armor on. If you are interested in helping out, or have an idea for some other class you'd like to teach, even if it doesn't fit that day's theme, please contact her.
  • Curia Notes: The notes from this month's Curia are available here.

Upcoming activities:

  • Mon Apr 24, 6:30pm - 8:30pm Loch Bheathrach/BFS Archery Practice at the Kearney site
  • Wed Apr 26, 6pm - 9pm BFS Fighter Practice at the Westport Roanoke Community Center, 3601 Roanoke Road, Kansas City, MO 64111.
  • Thu Apr 27, 7pm - 9pm Aston Tor Canton Meeting at the Walnut Gardens Community of Christ, 19201 E RD Mize Road, Independence, MO (No fighter practice this week; the marshal is unable to attend.)

Upcoming events:

  • Apr 29 - Melon Wars, Flinthyll (Burlington, IA)
  • May 6 - War College, Amlesmore (Hallsville, MO)
  • May 13 - St. George & the Dragon, Oakheart (Springfield, MO)
  • May 13 - Spring Arrows, Deodar (Cedar Rapids, IA)
  • May 20 - Melees & Mayhem, Crescent Moon (Topeka, KS)
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