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BFS Curia Notes Feb 14, 2018

posted Feb 19, 2018, 6:03 AM by Forgotten Sea
Baronage & Officers
Seneschallate (Caitilin) seneschal@bfs-kc.org
  • CalonCon is July 21 and bids are due mid-April. If anyone is interested in being event steward, contact the Kingdom Seneschal at seneschal@calontir.org.
  • Tournament of Horses and Falcon will be held on Labor Day weekend in September. We need two event stewards. Caitilin will get the 2017 event report to use for the 2018 budget and planning. The event will be held at the Kelsey Short youth campground (Lilies site) with no site fee increase over 2017. The insurance for regular and equestrian has already been ordered.
  • King's Companie of Archers Sep 8-9 - Since this is the weekend after H&F, we will not pursue being the event steward in 2018.
  • Kris Kinder Dec 8 - it was decided that a committee will be formed so there is consistency from year to year in running the event. Previous event stewards and others involved in 2017 will be contacted to gauge interest.
  • Winter Coronation 1/11/2020 - we are responsible for a bid that is due 1/12/2019
  • Spring Crown Tournament 4/10/2021 - we are responsible for a bid that is due 4/11/2020
  • It was proposed that a group be formed to find event sites for Winter Coronation and Spring Crown Tournament well ahead of when the bids are due. The Barony is responsible for ensuring that bids are placed but will need to be ready to steward the events ourselves if needed. A group did a lot of work to find possible sites for the Jan 2017 bid, so that work just needs to be continued.
  • It was decided that event proposals will be required for all Barony hosted events. Caitilin and Melodia will look at the Kingdom event bid form to see if it can be reused and which items should be required.
Baronage (Soren & Rowan) baronage@bfs-kc.org
  • Aston Tor is now taking donations of cash and/or alcohol for the Tor Tuesday party held at Lilies War. Please see Soren or Rowan if you have anything to donate.
  • The Purple Pavilion floor project is continuing this Sunday. See the weekly announcements for further details. Knights Marshal (John) marshal@bfs-kc.org
  • Wednesday evening practice continues to go well.
  • John checked into the rules for having youth combat activities on Wednesdays at fighter practice. Unless a Youth Combat Marshal is present, they can train with an adult or use boffers with each other. Actual youth on youth fighting requires a Youth Combat Marshal to be present.
  • The shafted combat archer experiment has been extended through Pennsic. Anyone interested should see John, Janos, or any fighter marshal.
  • The police department has moved out of the community center (it was temporary), so Caitilin will see if that opens up any space for storing our mats.
Archer Marshal (Janos) archer-marshal@bfs- kc.org
  • Monday night practice continues to go well with usually 6-12 people attending.
Chatelaine (Josefina) chatelaine@bfs-kc.org
  • Not present.
Chronicler (Narcissa) chronicler@bfs-kc.org
  • A mimeographed copy of The Clarion from 1979 was given to Caitilin at the Clothier's event by a member of Shattered Crystal. This was given to Narcissa to see if any of it can be reprinted and to store with the other older copies.
  • The Wheel of Clarion was made by Sir Gustav and is creating quite the stir. If you have always wanted to write an article for the Clarion and just didn't know what subject to use, this is your chance - http://wheeldecide.com/index.php?id=180144.
Exchequer (Anna) exchequer@bfs-kc.org
  • Not present.
  • Anna will send the inventory spreadsheet to the Quartermaster.
  • The Barony's financial policy is in draft and will be shared for comment soon.
Fountain Pursuivant / Herald (Zarah) herald@bfs-kc.org
  • Not present.
  • The Roll of Arms project continues to go well. See the announcements for your next chance to help.
Minister of Arts and Sciences (Aelin) artsandsciences@bfs-kc.org
  • Bobbin and Weavin was a great time with lots of teaching and learning.
  • Baronial Arts & Sciences Championship will be held at the Unslung Heroes event in April. See the weekly announcements or Kostantia, our current Champion, for details.
  • Tell Aelin, Their Excellencies, or Their Majesties what cool things you have seen your friends doing.
Web Minister (Ayisha) webminister@bfs-kc.org
  • A&S classes have been scheduled for March and April, see the calendar for more information. The room is available on the 2nd Wednesday (after Curia) and the 4th Wednesday. See the calendar for open dates and contact the Webminister to reserve a date. https://sites.google.com/site/forgottensea/what-s- new/calendar
  • Get Barony news to her by Sunday for publishing on Monday.
Quarter Master (Svana)
  • Inventory spreadsheet will be posted to the Officer Only documents in Google. If an autocrat needs to see what is in the storage unit, an officer can provide the spreadsheet or we may give temporary access to the document.
  • Check out/in procedures need to be developed.
  • Svana has handed over the storage room keys to Avraham as our new Quartermaster.