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BFS Curia Notes April 11, 2018

posted Apr 14, 2018, 1:49 PM by Forgotten Sea
Baronage & Officers
Seneschallate (Caitilin) seneschal@bfs-kc.org
  • Canton of Loch Beathrach is officially closed (incipient).
  • Baronial Event Proposal form is in draft. It will be a fillable PDF and posted to the Public Documents on Google.
  • Quarterly officer reports are due on the 15th, Sunday. Please send me a copy.
  • Great Officers are currently Seneschal, Exchequer, Herald, Marshal, Minister of Arts & Sciences, and Chronicler. All of these officers are required for a group to be active. There is also a requirement for replacements in these positions to submit letters of interest to the current group officer, who then must receive permission from their Kingdom officer.
 Baronage (Soren & Rowan) baronage@bfs-kc.org
  • Please see Soren or Rowan if you wish to contribute to the Tor Tuesday event at Lilies War.
  • Unslung Heroes was postponed to May 19. All of the same planned activities will occur. Still looking for additional Gate volunteers.
  • Baronial pre-prints are needed and Ayisha has blanks for anyone who is interested in helping.
Knights Marshal (John) marshal@bfs-kc.org
  • Wednesday evening practice continues to go well. Practice will move outside on May 2.
  • Derrek has agreed to be John's Deputy.
  • Everyone needs to bring the fighter mats to practice on Apr 25 so they can be moved to the storage unit afterwards.
  • Reporting 132 active fighters for the Barony. This list needs to be cleaned up, so if you know any fighters who have moved out of the Barony or are no longer active please let John know.
Archer Marshal (Janos) archer-marshal@bfs-kc.org
  • Monday night practice continues to go well. It will start being held outside (same location) as weather permits.
  • Looking for a replacement, so please send letters of interest to archer-marshal@bfs-kc.org with copies to seneschal@bfs-kc.org and baronage@bfs-kc.org.
  • Began using one of the new archery butts that were purchased last year. $300 will be put in the budget to purchase two more in 2019 as we retire one per year on average.
Chatelaine (Josefina) chatelaine@bfs-kc.org
  • Not present.
  • Term expires in July, so please contact Josefina if you are interested in the position (this is not a Great Officer position).
Chronicler (Narcissa) chronicler@bfs-kc.org
Exchequer (Anna) exchequer@bfs-kc.org
  • Her term in office expires Jan 2019. Please send letters of interest to exchequer@bfs-kc.org with copies to seneschal@bfs-kc.org and baronage@bfs-kc.org.
  • We have approximately $17,000 in our account. We spent approximately $16,000 just on running events in 2017. We are only holding two events in 2017, so if they do not make a profit then funds will be tight this year.
  • We brainstormed ideas for Baronial events or other ways to increase income in order to meet a year's worth of expenses.
    • Hold a garage sale where populace bring their unwanted SCA items to sell. A percentage of the profit could be donated to the Barony.
    • Hold a Pennsic Pity Party (possibly Aug 11) as a local event and charge a modest Gate fee.
    • Hold a Bloody Trident event during Gulf Wars where there are games that attendees buy in to.
    • Hold a Winter Hunt event perhaps in January where fighters are either hunters or the hunted.
    • Hold a dinner during the Wednesday populace gathering and fighter practice, perhaps monthly or quarterly, and have a donation jar.
Fountain Pursuivant / Herald (Zarah) herald@bfs-kc.org
  • The Roll of Arms project continues to go well. 76 have been completed so far. Past and current members of the Barony may request for their arms to be added.
Minister of Arts and Sciences (Aelin) artsandsciences@bfs-kc.org
  • Kingdom Arts & Sciences is on April 21.
  • Baronial A&S Championship will occur at Unslung Heroes on May 19.
Web Minister (Ayisha) webminister@bfs-kc.org
  • Get Barony news to her by Sunday for publishing on Monday.
  • Two unused domain names have been renewed for five years (so no one else can use them) and the main domain will be up for renewal in 2022.
  • Brendan, Kingdom Seneschal, informed the group that Facebook can now be used as an official means of communication. He also said there may be guidance or policy coming for all groups to have a facebok "group". We currently have a Facebook "page" and will stay with that course until advised otherwise by Kingdom.
  • It was further discussed that we should consider moving away from Yahoo for email communications as it has become unreliable and other groups have changed to other services. Ayisha will research other email list services and advise on her findings at the May Curia.
  • Hugo has expressed interest in replacing Ayisha when her warrant expires in July 2018. She will request approval from the Kingdom Webminister. [Approval was given the next day].
Quarter Master (Avraham)
  • Not present.
  • From March meeting: Inventory check out/in sheet will be created and placed in the storage unit.
  • From the March meeting: Avraham will bring the banner (from storage unit) used at demonstrations to the first outside fighter practice in May.
  • IF it is allowed (Caitilin will check), Logan will bring a gas grill, hotdogs, and hamburgers to the first outside fighter practice on May 2. Again, IF it is allowed, the populace is encouraged to wear garb and bring side dishes to share.


  • CalonCon July 21 - bid was submitted and we will know on April 15. IF we get it, those present agreed it would be a good idea to coordinate meetup at a local buffet afterwards.
  • H&F Sept 1-2: Jaida and Aelin are working on their proposal. Mathurin offered to help with the event if it could be combined with Playing with Fire. Everyone agreed it was a good idea.
  • Lilies War Jun 9-17: see Aed to sign up for Gate on the first Saturday (6/9); Curia moved to Jun 20.
  • Kris Kinder Dec 8: committee met after the April Curia and will meet again after the May Curia.
  • Winter Coronation 1/11/2020 - we are responsible for a bid that is due 1/12/2019.
  • Spring Crown Tournament 4/10/2021 - we are responsible for a bid that is due 4/11/2020.

Financial Committee

  • Seneschal and Exchequor signed the 2017 EOY financial report
  • A check was written to reimburse Ayisha for renewing the web domains.
  • The Loch Bheathrach bank account issue was resolved in February.
  • No outstanding transactions
  • No upcoming transactions