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Baronial Moot Thank-You

posted Sep 21, 2014, 5:56 PM by Gustav Jameson   [ updated Sep 21, 2014, 5:58 PM by Forgotten Sea ]
Thank You
A message from Her Excellency Ylva:

We had a wonderful Baronial Moot on Saturday! The weather was a bit humid, but cloudy with no rain most of the day, so we were able to enjoy both of the Baronial championship tourneys, as well as an outdoor court. The potluck feast was superb, featuring delicious venison chili and roasted chicken prepared by Her Ladyship Ali, and various brewed beverages made by members of the populace.

The finalists in the armored combat championships were: Sir Colyne Gray, The Honorable Lord Valdrikr in Danski, and The Honorable Lord Gerard Kendall. The victor and new Baronal armored combat Champion is Sir Colyne!

The top three scores in the Archery Championship were: Lord Soren atte Raven, Shane Bax, and The Honorable Ronan Meade. The winner of the very interesting (and fun to watch) Championship is Lord Soren!

The Baronial awards presented in court were:
His Lordship Johan der Hund - Baronial colors
Lord Soren atte Raven - Order of the Escallop
Her Ladyship Lisette la Fauconniere d'Amroise - Mark of Merit
Shane Bax - Baronial Colors
His Lordship Ronan Meade - Order of the Forrester

Other court business:
Aelin stepped up as Aston Tor A&S Minister
Her Ladyship Banba stepped down as Tor A&S Minster and stepped up as Seneschal
Lady Raudan del Wiche Stepped down as Tor Seneshal
Lady Kitsu Katome delivered the trappings of the Baronial Archer Champion to Lord Soren
Lord Vakri Valdrikrsson turned over the Baronial Trident to Sir Colyn

Many Thanks to:
Ali (with some help from Patti)
Magnus (for the venison)
Brian - court herald
Lisette and the gate crew
former champions
Ladies who List
clean up helpers
trash haulers
set up people
tear down people
Everyone who contributed to the potluck feast