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A word from our local C&T Melee Experiment Deputy

posted Jan 11, 2017, 8:42 PM by Forgotten Sea
From our local C&T Melee Experiment Deputy, Lord Brian Robert MacDougall:

"For those who haven't heard Calontir has advanced to the Phase II of the C&T Melee Experiment. 
That means we can include everyone who has been authorized for at least a year. YAY! The Minimum & Maximum numbers of Combatants on the field haven't changed.

It also means that we can use all secondary items including a full second sword.
We can not use any 2 handed weapons yet.

If we have visitors from a participating Kingdom that isn't in Phase II and they want to participate they are limited to Phase I restrictions.

This also means that if we have three (3) or more Authorized Phase II Melee Experiment Fighters present at any BFS Fighter Practice, let me know and we can Do Some Melees!"

Phase one, which we were in, is limited to fighters who have been C&T authorized for 2+ years, single-sword and optionally rigid defensive off-hands only. 4-10 combatants per scenario.
Phase two, which we are now in, allows fighters who have been C&T authorized for only a year, and allows all standard secondary weapons. Its restrictions are otherwise the same as phase one.

Upcoming, once we enter phase three we will also be allowed to use 2-handed swords, and as of phase four the melee size will increase to 10-30 combatants.